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The Shutterfly Folder API provides access to a user's folder content, including folder URLs. Information such as folder title and the folder's album list are expressed in Atom XML.

Shutterfly users group their albums in folders. If nothing else, each user should have a default folder like "My Albums". The Album API lets you enumerate the user's albums, without regard to how they may be grouped in folders. Alternatively, the Folder API lets you enumerate the user's folders, then enumerate the subset of albums belonging to a given folder.

Shutterfly does not support nested folders, which keeps the folder hierarchy simple: it is never more than one level deep. The user contains one or more folders; each folder then contains zero or more albums.

Call Signature

Application ID and call signature are required. Please see Call Signature documentation for more details.

Resource Path

This API uses the following resource path element:

  • /folderid - often paired with a Shutterfly folder ID
    • Example: /folderid/00005678

It should appear in combination with its parent:

  • User Data API - Example:
    • /user/
    • /userid/000012345678/folderid/00005678

It is the parent of these other resources (note this is not a full list of possible children):

  • Album Data API - Example:
    • /user/
    • /userid/000012345678/folderid/00001234/albumid


  • GET - Gets folder data or listing of folders.




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Method: GET

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a limit to the number of albums in a folder?
No. Some folders may have hundreds of albums, or more.
What order are the albums listed in?
The end user controls the order, using the Shutterfly web site. By default, albums will be in reverse-creation order, or "newest first".
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