Shutterfly Open API  |  Image Upload


Upload images to a Shutterfly album.

Call Signature

Application ID and call signature are required. Please see Call Signature documentation for more details.

Resource Path

This API uses the following resource path element:

  • /images


  • POST - Stores an image at Shutterfly.


https (optional)


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Method: POST

Frequently Asked Questions


What format should I use for the image contents?
Plain binary. Read the image file bytes and add them to your multipart/form-data stream "as they are". Do not encode them. Do not transform them.
The API lets me upload multiple files in one call. What is the advantage of doing that?
Each call you make over the Internet has associated overhead. An app that uploads more files in fewer calls will save some of that overhead. But with large images, the advantage is reduced, because the overhead is smaller than the time spent in actual image data transfer. It is OK with Shutterfly if you prefer to upload only one image per call.
What are the limits on how much my app can upload?
Up to 10 images per call, and up to 20 megabytes per image.

User Authentication

How does your upload API change, if my end user has Seamless Sign-in?
It doesn't change much. Omit the AuthenticationID parameter, but add "oflyUserid=[the SSI user token]" to the URL. The latter is described in the App Authentication documentation.

API errors

My upload doesn't work. It gets strange exceptions, like "IOException caught reading the stream". What's wrong?
POST multipart/form-data is not easy to program correctly. You must follow RFC1867 very exactly. Shutterfly recommends that you find a library routine in your programming language to do the job for you, or that you use the API Explorer to see what Shutterfly's library would generate.
My upload still doesn't work. Could I please see what your API Explorer really sends?
It shows you, except for the binary image contents! But if you need to see the POST body with the real binary image contents included, email us a small sample image; we can run a test in our lab and capture it for you. (We can't do this on our Production system.)
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