Shutterfly Open API  |  User Password


This API supports a very limited set of operations on user passwords.

The only supported operation, at this time, is requesting that Shutterfly send the user an e-mail that will help the user create a new Shutterfly password.

Call Signature

Application ID and call signature are required. Please see Call Signature documentation for more details.

Resource Path

This API uses the following resource path element:

  • /password

It should appear in combination with its parent:


  • PUT - Does an operation on the user's Shutterfly password; see API details for the possible operations.




Method   Endpoint example  

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Method: PUT

Frequently Asked Questions


How can my app do an HTTP PUT?
What should my app do if the PUT fails?
Recommend to the user that he or she contact Shutterfly Customer Support for password reset assistance.
Can my app set or reset the user's password directly?
Not at this time. Only the end user can do it, manually on the Shutterfly site.
Can my app view the user's password?
Why does this API PUT a command string, like "SEND_PASSWORD_EMAIL"? That is not REST-ful.
You're right; it's more like RPC. A REST-ful API would probably have the app create a new resource by POSTing /user/ Sometimes, though, it makes sense to break REST a little bit. In this case, the Shutterfly API designer wanted a single "password" resource that could support a set of closely-related operations (if Shutterfly will have more operations in the future).
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