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The Shutterfly True Aspect Ratio Imaging Request protocol provides URL-based customization of dynamically generated jpeg images in users' albums. Accesses to other types of images (collection, progalleries, ordered, etc) are not covered by this protocol. This protocol allows customization of output resolution and 90-degree-based rotation. All customer-defined imaging enhancements (border, crop, redeye, etc.) are displayed in the resulting image, but they cannot be customized dynamically. "True aspect ratio" is the aspect ratio of the user-specified crop rectangle. If there is no user crop, the aspect ratio of the original picture is used.

Call Signature

Application ID and call signature are NOT required, and will be ignored if they are present. Please see Call Signature documentation for more details.

Resource Path

This API uses either of the following equivalent resource path elements:

  • /proctaserv - often paired with a Shutterfly image ID
  • /proctasserv - often paired with a Shutterfly image ID for security access to high resolution picture


  • GET - Gets jpeg image data.




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Method: GET

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