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Create or read Shutterfly user information.

Call Signature

Application ID and call signature are required. Please see Call Signature documentation for more details.

Resource Path

This API uses either of the following equivalent resource path elements:

  • /user - often paired with the user's Shutterfly login (an e-mail address)
    • Example: /user/
  • /userid - often paired with a Shutterfly-generated user token
    • Example: /userid/000012345678

It is the parent of these other resources (note this is not a full list of possible children):


  • POST - Creates a new user.
  • GET - Reads user information.




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Method: POST

Method: GET

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the API provide various kinds of user data such as billing or shipping address?
Not yet. At this time, the API is limited to the user data described above, and user album data.

User Albums

What is the best way to get a listing of the user's albums?
These two variations are supported:
  1. GET /user/xxxx/albumid
    • A further variation: GET /userid/nnnn/albumid
    • Gets a feed of album entries only.
  2. GET /user/xxxx?category-term=album
    • A further variation: GET /userid/nnnn?category-term=album
    • Gets a feed of album entries, plus user profile info at the <feed> level.
Is there a limit to the number of user albums?
No. Some users may have hundreds of albums, or more.
What order are user albums listed in?
The end user controls the order, using the Shutterfly web site. By default, albums will be in reverse creation order, or "newest first".
Why do I see albums in my user output but the example output does not show any?
Doing a normal GET on user data should not return album data, but it may do so at this time. This behavior is deprecated and will be removed shortly. Please use the album API - something like /user/XXX/album to get the listing of albums for this user.
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