How To  |  Go to Shutterfly UE

If you've uploaded images or selected some from a user album, you may want to finish by sending your user to one of the Shutterfly web site's great features. Let's talk about the Go to Shutterfly UE API.

By "UE", Shutterfly means "User Experience". The term is vague because it covers a lot of possibilities. Using the specific images that your app just uploaded or selected, you can have the user:

  • Order prints
  • Create a custom photobook, calendar or greeting card, and order that
  • Share images with her friends
  • Just view the images
  • and more!

To use the API, you build a certain URL and redirect the user's Web browser. In the URL, you state which User Experience you want, and which images you want that experience to start working with. The Shutterfly web site takes over from there.

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