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Make It A Family Photo Day And Find The Perfect Holiday Card

The holidays are coming and it’s time to start thinking about your holiday photo. Professional photos are nice but not necessary. Opt for a
DIY photo shoot in your own backyard. We've got some great tips to make it easy and fun for everyone.

Getting Ready

What to wear. It’s easy to choose outfits once you know what kind of photo you want. Will it be fun and laid–back or classic and
elegant? Wear casual clothing for an informal outdoor shot or dress up for a more traditional approach. You’ll also want to leave behind
the busy holiday patterns and make sure family members aren’t wearing clashing colors.
Go for the gold. The best photo–taking light is the “Golden Hour” just after dawn or just before sunset. Early risers? Get a shot
with everyone in their PJs in bed. Forgo the flash for the best effect. If you prefer late afternoon, head outside just before Thanksgiving dinner while everyone’s all dressed up.
Look behind you. Be mindful of the background. Mantles are a popular spot, but they often reflect camera flashes or even
overpower the scene. Instead, opt for a light–colored wall or a landscape of trees.
Taking The Photo – Get Your Family In Action Taking The Photo – Get Your Family In Action

Skip the stiff poses. A picture of the kids playing in the snow or sand looks great in a holiday card. Let everyone have a chance with the camera. You’ll be surprised what a six–year–old can do.

Try Different Angles
Try Different Angles Try Different Angles

Portraits can sometimes look flat, so sit, stand and kneel to energize the shot. Have parents sit and kids stand. Make a pyramid. Better yet, get the shot of the kids trying to make the pyramid. Or take a shot from a bird’s–eye view of your kids lying down. You can also get behind them while they look at each other from the side.

Capture Relationships Not Just People
Capture Relationships Not Just People Capture Relationships Not Just People

Get candid shots of your family talking and smiling to really showcase your family’s relationship. This allows their personalities to shine through. And, make sure you take dozens of pictures to get the one shot where everyone is wide-eyed and happy. Shoot between shots to capture candid, fun and unexpected moments.

Photo Favors
Photo Favors Photo Favors

Ask a neighbor or friend to take your family photo and then do the same for them.

Ask Santa Claus
Ask Santa Claus Ask Santa Claus

Everyone loves the classic Santa photo. If you don’t have time to do your own photo shoot, bring your kids to Santa. Shutterfly has partnered with Cherry Hill Photo, the leader in holiday photography serving over 365 shopping centers worldwide.

Find Santa at a mall near you.

Pro Gallery – Finding The Perfect Holiday Card Find A Pro

If you would rather have your photo taken by a professional, we've got a list of talented Shutterfly Pro Gallery professional photographers.

See our list of talented photographers.

For Summer Photos
For Summer Photos For Summer Photos

If you want to use photos from your vacation, try soft hues in pale greens to complement your summer photos.

Crop, Crop, Crop
Crop, Crop, Crop Crop, Crop, Crop

Don’t be afraid to tighten the frame. Remove background objects or use the Shutterfly crop tool to get a close–up shot of smiling faces. In addition, try cropping off–center for a more artistic look.

Keep It Neutral
Keep It Neutral Keep It Neutral

If you find that your clothes clash with the colors of the card, use the black–and–white or sepia editing tool. The result can be surprisingly modern and fresh.

Tell A Story
Tell A Story Tell A Story

For a collage–style holiday card, arrange photos that best tell your story. Crop in tight to make use of the small space. Try a series of photographs in motion to add a sense of animation.

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