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Personalized Christmas Gifts

Laying the skirt out underneath the Christmas tree is often the last thing people do during this annual decorating ritual. Untangling the lights, deciding which metallic ornaments go where and putting an angel or star on the top are all crucial parts of making the tree terrific and trimmed. Then it’s time to fill the area underneath with presents wrapped in bright, shiny paper and adorned with bows.

Bring holiday cheer with all of the items inside of those boxes. At Shutterfly, you can find Christmas gifts for kids and adults alike. Customize them with favorite snapshots from school trips, family vacations and neighborhood outings with friends. Add messages and a name to customize gifts. Create the perfect personalized Christmas gift for each of your family members and friends.

Discover monogrammed accessories, too. The initials give an understated elegance to products ranging from pilsner glasses to coasters.

Bring Unique Accessories to a Space Made for Sleeping

Think outside of the box and go beyond the normal Christmas gift this holiday season. Find the perfect personalized Christmas gift for someone looking to add personality to their home. Sort through our beautiful bedding and look for customized blankets and sherpa pillow. They capture the essence of what matters most to a loved one on your list. Rather than getting a mass-produced Hawaiian-themed floral design, pick out a bedding product and add an image. Perhaps the person caught a huge wave while surfing during a vacation in Hawaii, and you clicked your camera at the precise moment.

Portable Chargers Keep Tech Devices Powered Up

Are there people in your life who don’t like to go for more than a few minutes without checking their phones or tablets for new notifications? Turning on the screen impacts battery life, but our portable chargers include built-in USB ports that replenish the power levels of several devices at once. These are the perfect Christmas gifts for your tech-loving friends and family.

The ideas above represent a sampling of the ways you could spread holiday cheer this year. Shutterfly is your source for one-of-a-kind personalized Christmas gift ideas that make the area underneath your tree complete.