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Photo Shadow Box

Use a Photo Shadow Box To Commemorate Moments

One of the best ways to showcase a photo is in a pristine frame. There are certain times, however, that a regular frame won’t do justice to the gravity of the event or person you want to commemorate. Sometimes, to communicate the depth of the importance of your picture, you need a photo shadow box. Shadow box picture frames act like display cases for your photos. When you create a picture shadow box with Shutterfly, you get a stunning visual effect with depth perception. Find out how using a shadow box for your wall art will bring striking visuals into your home.

Display Fond Vacation Memories

The unique aesthetic of a dimensional shadow box picture frame is perfect for showcasing pictures from your family trip. You can design your own multi-photo shadow box to show off your traveling adventures to all who enter your home.

Remember Your Special Day

What better way to commemorate the day you tied the knot than using a shadow box? Use our wedding shadow boxes to give your special day the attention it deserves on your wall. We carry photo shadow boxes with elegant, customizable script and monograms to give your wedding pictures the perfect finishing touch.

The Perfect Gift

There’s no need to scramble to find a gift for someone special when you can create a thoughtful shadow box with Shutterfly in no time at all. Our shadow boxes make great presents for any occasion:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Graduation
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • New Year

You can customize your shadow box with ease using any photos you want and put something special together in a matter of minutes.

You can personalize much more than shadow boxes with our selection of design tools. There are many ways to create custom canvas prints, collage frames, and framed art prints. With Shutterfly, the possibilities of custom wall art and home decor are endless.