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Photo Collage Canvas Prints

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What customers have to say about our Canvas Prints

July 23, 2017

Definitely will buy more Canvas Prints!!!

"One of your photos on canvas. Makes your photos more like "real art"! I was completely blown away by the first Canvas Print I designed and ordered. It arrived and seriously looked like an artist had done a portrait on canvas. I gave it to my mom for Mother's Day! She absolutely loves it. I was even more blown away by the second Canvas Print I designed and ordered. I gave this one to my wife as a gift. It is the first picture of us she has wanted to display in our home. She is very picky when it comes to pictures, photos and artwork. She loves the canvas, the picture quality and the thick frame. The Canvas Print is a conversation piece. Everyone who comes to our home asks about and typically throws out compliments. I used different frames on each, which gave each a distinct look. I will be making some more art via the Design Your Own Canvas Print in the very near future. I highly recommend."

December 24, 2016

Canvas Prints

"I am a retired professional photographer. It should go without saying that I grew up in the film age. In the age of film paper and chemicals we would print on the paper separate the image layer of the paper from the backing. Heat and pressure mount the emulsion side to the canvas stretch it and attach it to the stretcher frame. We would then spray with a lacquer to give the appearance of a brush stroke. So much for history. I've had some experience now with the digital age and the newer canvas printing methods and I can say that Shutterfly canvas prints are as good (for the most part) as prints coming out of the pro labs. Given a good or marginally good image Shutterfly will return you a good print. So with all this praise I have given Shutterfly why only four stars? The question of archival quality or how long the print will retain its color quality has not yet been answered to my satisfaction. I will get back to you when I turn 165 with my answer. In the meanwhile go ahead and order the prints from Shutterfly."

August 6, 2017

Love it

"Love it"

May 4, 2017

Canvas Collage

"What a wonderful memory collection on canvas. I loved that you can insert your photos how you want them displayed and you have a choice of colors for the frame. I will use this photo choice again."

December 5, 2016

Great Picture But....

"Much bigger than I expected. I must have ordered the wrong size now I have a huge picture I can't use very disappointed in myself. The work however does look good."

Photo Collage Canvas Prints

When you move into a new house, you get a fresh, clean slate with which to begin. Unfortunately, that also means you lose that sense of warmth and intimacy that comes along with time living in a space. Here are a few ways you can design those blank walls from bare to homey in no time.

Canvas Prints

Hang a piece of art created with your own images. It is as easy as ever to have your favorite family photos transferred onto a canvas. Choose images from a family photo shoot or candid moments that make you smile. Curate a group of shots from vacation and create photo collage canvas prints to bring the memory alive and featured throughout your home for constant enjoyment.

Get the Word Out

Who says walls need to be adorned by images only? Place your favorite saying above the sofa in a classic script via stencil, decal or canvas. A quote that welcomes visitors to your home works well in the foyer, and food-related sayings are a wonderful way to liven up the kitchen or dining areas. Be sure the font used is aesthetically pleasing, but still easy to read, and that you maintain a balance between word art and images.


White walls have their place in certain styles of décor, but many times a splash of color can make a huge difference in how a home feels. Bold colors work well in the kitchen and you could compliment the walls with these brown canvas prints. It is often better to stick with soothing, restful tones in the bedroom. For primary living spaces, choose a paint color that complements your furniture or brings out specific tones in flooring or textiles throughout the room.

Have a little fun in choosing your décor and be sure that whatever ends up on your walls reflects your personality and that of your family. You house will become a home in no time at all.