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Black Metal Prints

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What customers have to say about our Metal Prints

January 24, 2019

Metal art..

"It exceeded my expectations.."

January 23, 2019


"Love how it turned out couldn't be more pleased"

January 22, 2019


"Came out better than I could hope, happy to be purchase again"

January 20, 2019

Metal Prints

"I keep ordering and ordering metal prints. Love them all. You will too."

January 20, 2019

Perfect gift

"I made a collage of pictures from a recent visit to Los Angeles to visit my cousin. I gave my cousin one too and she loved it. Great color quality and easy to put up on the wall."

Give Your Wall a Metal Print Makeover

It’s probably getting a little awkward that every time you visit your friend’s house, you spend minutes doing nothing but staring at the many metal prints adorning the walls. Why not stop staring and spend an afternoon converting some of your own photos into stylish black metal prints with the help of Shutterfly? Whether you’re looking to recreate old family pictures using a print medium you know will last forever, or if you want to take some of your own pictures and convert them into black metal prints to incorporate into your home’s ultra-modern design scheme, Shutterfly has the resources to help you out.

Custom Sizes to Fit Any Surface

As metal prints are a relatively new option in the realm of personalized mementos and keepsakes, many aren’t aware of the level of customization such products offer. You can select custom-sized prints ranging from a small 8x10 to place on your office wall to a grandiose 24x36 picture to replace the family portrait in your front room. Unlike that family portrait, your new metal print won’t fade over time.

Art Gallery-Style Hangings That Require Half the Effort

Metal prints may also be a terrific option if you’re not so savvy with a stud finder. Since Shutterfly prints are only .045” thick, all are light enough to be secured with adhesive patches (even the larger 24x26 prints), which you can press firmly against a wall without having to worry about damaging the picture. The print’s rounded edges make it appear as though it is floating on the wall, which lends an art gallery-style look.

Metal vs. Canvas: Which Is Best?

Are you having trouble deciding between a metal print as opposed to a canvas picture? Metal prints provide better durability, while canvas gives you more in the way of design options. Why not go with both? Canvas and metal prints side by side could make an awesome photo gallery wall.

Sleek and elegant metal print masterpieces truly are just a few mouse clicks away thanks to Shutterfly. It’s time you turned your pictures into the stylish décor pieces they were always meant to be.