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Black Tea Towels

What customers have to say about our Tea Towels

December 18, 2017

Great gift idea!!!

"These are wonderful!!! I ordered them with a picture of my Grandmother and her famous Meatball recipe on them for my family and they came out amazing!!! Can't wait to see everyone's reactions on Christmas morning. There will be tears. A really wonderful personal gift at a great price!"

More Fun in the Kitchen with Customized Black Tea Towels

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home. It's where everyone gathers or pops their head around the corner to see what you're doing -- is there a snack in the works? Is it almost dinner time? Can they help with the dishes? (Does that happen?) Well, you can expect a little more interest in the kitchen when you pepper your decor with custom black tea towels. These simple, handy towels make everything from cooking to cleaning more fun. So next time one of your kids has a question about your kitchen doings, toss them a tea towel and tell them to join you. 

Decorate Your Tea Towels 

You probably have half a dozen kitchen towels for grabbing steaming pots, wiping down counters, or lying underneath plates of delicious treats to serve your loved ones. But do you have any that are made especially for you? It's time to do something about that! You use towels in the kitchen so often that you should have a set that suits your style. Personalize yours with monograms, images, and sweet sayings that will make you even more grateful for your hearth and home. 

Tea Towels Are Thoughtful Gifts

Wondering what to get for your best friend who just bought a new house? Are your favorite neighbors moving to a new location and you don't want them to forget you? Maybe you need a small, unique gift to complement a wedding present for a newly married couple who will be setting up house soon. For housewarmings and other occasions, tea towels that feature a grid of images surrounded by black borders are a thoughtful way to show you care. Select images from favorite moments shared in your home, neighborhood, or any special moment with each other to commemorate new beginnings and look back fondly at cherished relationships. 

Design A Kitchen Set with Tea Towels And More

You don't have to stop with just towels. You can use the same photos or design motif to customize candles to place on kitchen counters to help clear the air after a savory or spicy meal. Set the table with monogrammed glass jars or even decanters for special occasions.