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Brown Tea Towels

What customers have to say about our Tea Towels

December 18, 2017

Great gift idea!!!

"These are wonderful!!! I ordered them with a picture of my Grandmother and her famous Meatball recipe on them for my family and they came out amazing!!! Can't wait to see everyone's reactions on Christmas morning. There will be tears. A really wonderful personal gift at a great price!"

Make Your Kitchen Cozy with Brown Tea Towels

For many homes, the kitchen is a major hub. It's where everyone gathers to see what's cooking, literally and figuratively. When you spend so much time in one part of your home, it's important to keep it cozy and make sure it reflects who you are. Customized brown tea towels let you look at images of your loved ones during exactly the moments you're caring for them, regardless of whether they're on the way back from work, school, or sports -- or hanging around the doorway, waiting for snacks. 

Personalized Tea Towels Help Make Chores Fun

A personalized towel can take an ordinary chore, like wiping down counters or drying dishes and turn it into a peaceful time remembering good memories. There's no rule that housework has to be boring, you know! Put on some of your favorite music, focus on why you do what you do -- because you love your family and want good health and hygiene for yourself and them -- and pick up your new tea towel. Mundane tasks become a reason to smile when there's a beloved face smiling back at you. 

Grab Hot Dishes with Tea Towels

Tea towels can help you keep your hands safe from hot dishes when you're moving quickly to get a nutritious meal out for your family. While oven-safe gloves are specially made for removing casseroles, roasted veggies, or trays of cookies, you might be in the middle of other things that require dexterity -- like chopping up herbs or mixing a sauce to the perfect consistency. This is where a tea towel is a lifesaver. Grab your dish from the oven and let it cool on a rack or counter while you finish up whatever else you're concocting. 

Customize Kitchen Towels as Gifts

Customized brown tea towels make a lovely gift for a housewarming, holiday, or another occasion. Select images of your kids and design a kitchen towel for their grandparents or aunts and uncles who live far away. Now, they'll get to see their loved ones every day (or every day they cook or clean, at least!). Paired with a pretty, custom candle or a flower pot, tea towels make a delightful setting for your favorite kitchen.