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Father's Day Shadow Box

The Best Shadow Box Ideas Come From the Heart

A shadow box is a great gift for Father's Day because you can customize it with photos and items unique to your relationship with your father. Looking at old photos and remembering fond memories is a great way to begin your project. If you need ideas for the perfect Father's Day shadow box, here are three themes to consider.

Rustic Shadow Box for the Outdoorsy Dad

Rustic elements in a shadow box can take a variety of forms. For one, the background could have outdoor photos with faux wood trim or sienna and other old-fashioned filters. Using cut wood blocks inside the box with different childhood memorabilia is also an easy way to turn a shadow box into a rustic gift.

Shadow Box Charms for the Dad With Style

Who says dads can't be stylish? Jewelry charms with photos from your childhood or your father's initials can make great decorative elements in a shadow box. You could use wood screws or string to place these charms exactly where you want them. Other ways to up the style factor include using the filters on our site when adding photos to your shadow box layout.

Sports Memorabilia for the Sporty Dad

You can use a mixture of miniature sports memorabilia and sporty photographs to create a sporty shadow box highlighting your or your father's past sporting accomplishments. When designing the layout of a shadow box, it helps to think of it as a three-dimensional collage. Here are some collage layouts to inspire your design. The unique frames and filters found only at Shutterfly can make your photos pop.

Father's Day shadow boxes can make great gifts for any dad. It becomes a personal gift when you include photos and items from your childhood that are meaningful to the relationship you have with your father. No matter if you go for rustic, stylish or sporty, since it is from you, it will be a gift from the heart.