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Green Canvas Prints

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What customers have to say about our Canvas Prints

December 24, 2016

Canvas Prints

"I am a retired professional photographer. It should go without saying that I grew up in the film age. In the age of film paper and chemicals we would print on the paper separate the image layer of the paper from the backing. Heat and pressure mount the emulsion side to the canvas stretch it and attach it to the stretcher frame. We would then spray with a lacquer to give the appearance of a brush stroke. So much for history. I've had some experience now with the digital age and the newer canvas printing methods and I can say that Shutterfly canvas prints are as good (for the most part) as prints coming out of the pro labs. Given a good or marginally good image Shutterfly will return you a good print. So with all this praise I have given Shutterfly why only four stars? The question of archival quality or how long the print will retain its color quality has not yet been answered to my satisfaction. I will get back to you when I turn 165 with my answer. In the meanwhile go ahead and order the prints from Shutterfly."

January 9, 2016

Love my Canvas Prints

"I ordered three 16x20 prints on canvas and they came today. They are absolutely beautiful! They are wrapped around the canvas and look great. One of the corners was damaged so I called Shutterfly and they expedited me another canvas no problem!!! I am so happy with the Canvas's and Shutterfly I will definitely order again!"

May 10, 2017

Turned out beautifully!

"Wonderful quality and easy to put together!"

October 29, 2016

Flourish canvas print

"My canvas picture looks great. Quick delivery and a great sale made a very happy customer. Thank you."

January 6, 2015

Classic Monogram Canvas Print

"I wanted to surprise my husband at Christmas with a special gift and thought I would try this particular canvas with the unique layout. I put a lot of thought into the project and hoped it would be put together by shutterfly as great as other projects I have done through them. I was very happy when I received the canvas and felt shutterfly did a superb job in aligning the canvas print perfectly on the frame. It arrived packaged very well and in a timely manner. I purchased the 20 x 30 and it was very easy to hang on the wall. Very happy with this canvas!"

Green Canvas Prints

Is your home feeling a little blah? Maybe you’ve incorporated too many neutral hues? Maybe the décor is past-due for a refresher? Whatever the case may be, you can fix up a space in practically no time by adding a few touches of color. This guide will show you how to decorate a home and how to mix and match tones in any room of your home to reveal a new look and feel. The best part is that the cost is minimal and the workload is small. It’s the best kind of DIY project.

How to Add New Hues

After a year or two (maybe a month or two if you’re an avid decorator), the spaces in your home can start to feel a little dull. It’s fun to freshen them up by adding a few new pops of color. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

• Use the 60-30-10 Rule

Have you heard of this rule? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen it everywhere. Most designers decorate a space with 60 percent of one dominant color, 30 percent of a secondary and 10 percent in a pop of accent color. Switching out the 10 percent color is super easy and can make a huge difference to any space.

• Change Your Artwork

With Shutterfly, you can completely customize the artwork in your room, which is a great way to update the space with current pictures. If you are trying to add certain colors into the room, do so with a new piece of artwork from Shutterfly. They carry green canvas prints, along with a wealth of other customized color options. Check them out today.

• Don’t Forget the Black

For many ages, designers have lived by the black rule, meaning that you need to add a black element to any space to enhance all the colors around it.

If you need any additional decorating tips or ideas, check out more on Shutterfly. With customized pillows, wall art, photo books and more, it should be your first stop for home décor. Good luck with your color redesigns!