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Green Tea Towels

What customers have to say about our Tea Towels

December 18, 2017

Great gift idea!!!

"These are wonderful!!! I ordered them with a picture of my Grandmother and her famous Meatball recipe on them for my family and they came out amazing!!! Can't wait to see everyone's reactions on Christmas morning. There will be tears. A really wonderful personal gift at a great price!"

Green Tea Towels Make a Great Gift

Tea towels are kitchen necessities that come in handy after a spill. They turn into makeshift potholders in a pinch, and they make great gifts for just about any household in your community. When you add photos to tea towels, you merge memories with everyday life, creating an innovative gift that'll warm hearts and hands. With a small amount of effort, personalized tea towels are useful gifts that any family will love.

Towels For More Than Just Tea

Tea towels are hung as home décor, or used as a functional bar or kitchen towel. Dry your hands on one after washing up, or flaunt it as décor in a kitchen or dining room. With so many uses for this humble household item, a green tea towel from Shutterfly is an ideal gift for all of the people in your life.

Home-Away-From-Home Tea Towels

Is your little one all grown up, and on his or her way to a new home-away-from-home? Tuck a personalized green tea towel into his or her duffel bag for a surprise gift that'll bring them some comfort should homesickness kick in. A green tea towel comes in handy in any dorm, apartment or new home kitchen.

While you're at it, why not give Shutterfly-printed green tea towels to the entire family? This will remind your kids to call home on a regular basis. It's imperative to stay in touch as families grow and change. Use photo-printed green tea towels from Shutterfly to remind your family to communicate and get together more often.

Stylish Green Tea Towels For the Newlywed

Printing a green tea towel from Shutterfly and giving it as a gift is a generous gesture that's easy and affordable. It makes a lovely gift for any newlywed pair. Green tea towels can be printed with botanical leaves, adding natural texture to a kitchen space. The happy couple's kitchen will look sharp and be inviting with your photo-printed gift hanging in the area. 

Tea towel gifts are little presents that can express loads of love, so consider giving photo-printed green or grey tea towels to all of your loved ones.