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Holiday Shadow Box

Brighten up Any Holiday with a Shadow Box

Have you ever gone to visit friends during the holidays and gazed in envy at the gorgeous themed wall and table art decorating their home? It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to achieve the same look for any holiday. Showcase treasured memories of holidays past and get into the celebrating spirit with Shutterfly’s selection of shadow boxes, wall art and table decorations.

Creating a holiday shadow box is easy with our online customization tool. You can choose from dozens of font styles, sizes and colors, as well as borders, backgrounds and designs without having to leave your chair.

Discover the Fun of Shadow Boxes

Whether you are a “newbie” to the world of shadow boxes, or you already have a few in your home to commemorate special occasions such as your wedding day or an anniversary, creating a shadow box for your favorite holiday can only add to the fun. In addition, holiday shadow boxes are whimsical and seem all the more special because of the link to your favorite time of year.

If you love Halloween, you are sure to love creating a spooky shadow box. Start by decorating your box with photos of your children’s costumes from previous years, then glue or pin on little keepsakes like plastic spiders, paper Jack-o-lanterns and wrapped candy. Make Christmas or Hanukkah boxes the same way, with a festive background, a memorable quote, your favorite photos and decorative mementos.

Holiday Décor Ideas

Get the kids in on the fun by letting them create their own shadow box for any holiday or a special memory, including birthdays, sports and family vacations, then involve them in creating a photo book at the end of the year to celebrate that year’s highlights. The accessories you make with your children are sure to become treasured keepsakes, as well as a tradition they look forward to each year. Take a look at our home decor tips, home accents and wall and table art for more ideas on personalizing your home décor.