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Create Modern Wall Art with Custom Metal Prints

Showcase your best photos in vivid colors on head-turning metal prints. Shutterfly's custom metal prints are durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. You can hang them anywhere — even outdoors — without worrying that they'll be damaged. Photos on metal add a striking industrial, modern touch to your walls and are available in sizes small and large to suit any room. Display your cherished photos with perfect metal prints personalized with unique layouts, backgrounds, and custom text to make your metal wall art uniquely yours.

Personalizing Your Metal Print's Finish 

When designing your new piece of home decor, choose your highest quality photos to turn into metal prints. After selecting the photo you want to feature, determine the style of your print's finish. A true color surface offers a white base coat that allows the vibrant colors of the image to pop and resonate with the viewer. You can choose between a glossy finish for a more vibrant look or a matte finish, which offers a more subdued, muted look. 

Making The Best Photos On Metal 

Once you decide which finish is best for you, consider the desired size of your metal print based on available space and personal preference. To determine your best print size, consider spacing, home or room decor, whether the artwork will be hung inside or outside, and in your personal style. From mini to large metal prints, use your desired look to determine which size is best!

You can customize your metal photo print's layout, featuring up to 17 images in a unique photo collage. Tell your photo's story by adding text for captions to relive your best memories each time you look at your metal wall decor. Personalize your photo on metal even further by adding background colors or patterns to make your image pop.

No matter how you choose to personalize your new piece of wall art, metal prints bring your favorite photos to life while adding a touch of modern decor to your home or space. For inspiration, follow our guide to making the best metal photo prints. To make your wall's decor feel more dynamic, consider mixing and matching with custom canvas prints and wood wall art.

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