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Shadow Box

Display Your Fondest Memories with a Personalized Shadow Box

Many times, our favorite moments in life are best remembered by more than just a photograph. The mementos, souvenirs and physical reminders we keep of our dearest memories are often what keep those moments fresh in our minds. To ensure your memories stay front-and-center, why not display those mementos in your home? A personalized shadow box is an excellent way to do just that.

Make it Yours

A personalized shadow box is the perfect way to display photos and souvenirs of your favorite moments in life while doubling as a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. Whether you want to memorialize a lost loved one, remember your child’s first moments, preserve the keepsakes from your wedding day or display a timeline of your favorite memories together, it’s easy to create a custom-made shadow box for the occasion.

Start by choosing a shadow box template from a variety of rustic, modern and whimsical options, or upload your own design for an ultra-customized shadow box backing. Keep it simple with an elegant monogram, or incorporate favorite photos as a backdrop to your keepsakes. Then, personalize the layout down to every detail, including fonts, colors, text sizes and more. Each shadow box features a glass front, removable backing and wall-hanging hardware for your convenience.

Bring it to Life

The options are endless for creating a custom shadow box display that you’ll cherish forever. Once you’ve personalized the outside, you can fill your shadow box with memories by pinning a variety of small keepsakes and items inside. Add movie tickets, postcards, photos, letters, baby items, name tags, dried flowers, collectible items, house keys, souvenir coins and more to create a theme or commemorate a specific day in your life.

Bring back the lovely memories of your wedding day by using your shadow box to display reminders of every little detail—such as flowers from your bouquet, your wedding invitation, and stationery, your garter, your “something blue,” the cake topper or a wedding favor.

Preserve those early memories of life with your bundle of joy by putting together a one-of-a-kind baby shadow box. Personalize your box with your little one’s name, and fill it with precious keepsakes of his or her first day in the world. Ideas include the “coming home” outfit, newborn hat, hospital wristband, ink footprints, first photos, a measuring tape to indicate birth length and a card to display other details like weight and time of birth.

A custom shadow box is also a fun place to keep souvenirs and tickets from your life’s adventures. Tickets from the movies, zoos, amusement parks, plays, concerts and other events can be displayed in a stylish way to ensure those memories stay fresh for years to come.

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