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10x24 Canvas Prints

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What customers have to say about our Canvas Prints

November 16, 2017

Canvas Print Collage / Photo Album

"I absolutely LOVE Shutterfly. Everything I have ordered has been amazing. This is a gift, and it turned out exactly as I had hoped. Not surprising. Keep it up Shutterfly!!!"

November 15, 2017

Will make a great centerpiece at my dad's party!

"My father just passed away, he was adamant about NOT having a funeral service and wanted a party instead. His "Celebration of Life" party is coming up soon, I am excited to display this "Piece of Art". I opted for the 24" x 36" black frame collage, it's very very nice, and heavy, as is the canvas. I am very pleased with the final product. Even though some of the pictures are quite old (yet still digital), the Collage came through with great clarity. I think I spent 48 hours straight looking through pictures, restoring, downloading, etc. In the end it will be time and money well spent."

November 15, 2017


"Great quality, light weight, pictures came clear. Overall an excellent gift!"

November 15, 2017

Came out great!

"Color and quality are excellent, I will definitely buy more canvas prints."

November 14, 2017

Perfect Canvas

"My mom asked for a small print of my Eiffel Tower photo. Instead, I enlarged it on a canvas print which I'll give to her for Christmas. Perfect."

10x24 Canvas Prints

Once you’ve created and received your 10x24 canvas prints, you are ready to decide on what room to hang your canvas. However, unless you’ve hung a lot of photos or artwork before, you may be wondering exactly the best and most secure way to get your new pieces to look their best. With the time and funds you’ve invested in your new prints, you want to make sure that they’ll hang straight and stay in place no matter what. Follow these tips in order to achieve the best results from our products.

1. Find a Stud

Though our 10x24 canvas prints are not extremely heavy, it may be wise to hang them from a stud in your wall when possible. Using a stud finder, you can locate the sturdiest spot on your wall where a nail will not cause any damage to the sheetrock. If you’re hanging something a little heavier, such as one of our large format prints in a frame, you’ll want to make sure that you place the nail in a stud.

2. Choose the Right Nail

Often, you can use a simple finishing nail to hang your 10x24 or 20x30 canvas prints. However, you want to make sure that you don’t choose a nail that is too long or too short relative to the width of your canvas. Too long and it may make your art work stick out from the wall, and too short and it may not give you enough space between the wall and the back of the canvas.

3. Use a Level

A canvas of this length can be tricky to hang straight, simply because it is so much longer than it is tall. In order to get your piece right where you want it without unnecessary adjustments, use a level. This allows you to place a couple of nails right where they need to be to keep your print from hanging too low on one side or the other.

With these tips in mind you are ready to hang your brand new prints and transform your space into a room unlike any other.