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12x12 Mounted Wall Art

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What customers have to say about our Mounted Wall Art

January 26, 2019

Awesome product

"The pictures I chose were placed perfectly with Shutterfly's help and it turned out awesome."

January 25, 2019

So happy with it!

"Turned out just as I was hoping."

January 22, 2019

I loved my wall art and my hardback book of our vacation.

"I bought the book as a Christmas present for my son and fiance. I am using the wall art in my classroom."

January 21, 2019

Beautiful Print

"Loved this mounted picture. Clear print, hangs nicely."

January 21, 2019

Gallery of 4

"Great quality"

Adorn Your Walls with Your Own Works of Art

One of the most exciting aspects of having your own living space is getting to decorate it. Your home décor should be more than just a random sampling of pictures, hangings and accent pieces; it should be a statement about who you and your family are. What better way to make such a statement than turning your own personal photographs into stunning works of art to adorn the walls of your home? Such design freedom is possible with the help of Shutterfly.

Custom Wall Art That’s Ready in Minutes

Thanks to the personalization options Shutterfly offers, you can create one-of-a-kind prints to use while decorating your own home or to give as a gift. These aren’t your average photo paper prints, but rather sturdy, durable pieces of wall art available in almost any size, style and color scheme. A 12x12 print, for example, can be made from any photo you own in just a few moments and mounted using any number of custom frames. Simply upload the picture and start customizing. You can select from a wide array of custom finishes and even add text if you wish. Shutterfly already has a number of design templates for you to choose from, or you can create your own design from scratch. Contrast that to the limited art options you’ll find at your local home décor store.

Complements to Any Color or Design Scheme

The many mounted wall art options available through Shutterfly make it easy to incorporate your personal photos into your design scheme. Rather than trying to match up random art pieces or wall hangings, you can instead customize family pictures with a design and finish to match the chosen color of your living room décor, whether it be black, blue or red. If you want to get adventurous, you can mix and match a range of 12x12 print styles to create a custom wall gallery.

It’s your home, right? Why not boldly declare that to whoever happens to enter who lives there? Turning your personal pictures into framed 12x12 wall art masterpieces lets you put your own personal stamp on your living space.

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