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16x20 Canvas Prints

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What customers have to say about our Canvas Prints

April 24, 2018

Beyond satisfied!!

"I ordered a framed 16x20 canvas of, get this, a phone picture of a family painting. When ordering, you advised me that my photo was poor quality, but I consented to go ahead. We are thrilled. It was a family painting, where there are several siblings, but only one painting. The canvas I ordered from you truly was super."

April 24, 2018

I would love to fill my walls with canvas from Shutterfly

"I love this canvas so much !"

April 24, 2018

I love my canvas print!

"The 50% + 25% Off Sale allowed me to choose the largest size without breaking the bank. I love the quality and colors. Thank you for the sale price that allowed me to have this special memory in a beautiful piece of art work."

April 24, 2018

Amazing Collage

"Turned out amazing! Was shipped and delivered within two days"

April 23, 2018

I intend to keep purchasing more canvas prints

"They are well done and great for decorations."

Tips for Decorating a Classroom

Whether it’s your first year teaching for your 10th, you want to create an inviting environment that engaged your students and gets them excited about learning. These tips and tricks will help you design a room that is beautiful, fun and educational.

Start With Color

When it comes to color, think about the age group you teach. If your classroom is full of kindergarteners or first graders, a rainbow of primary colors works best because you can also use your décor for learning purposes. The older your students are, the more colors you can introduce. Use them to teach when age-appropriate, or if your students are teenagers, simply use the colors to brighten up the room.

Hang Canvas Work Aprons on the Chairs

Especially as children get older, they often find their desks aren’t large enough to hold everything. By hanging a work apron on each chair, you give them the extra space they need for custom notebooks or art supplies. If your students are older, use the aprons to hold textbooks or other material they may have trouble carrying between classes.

Paint Some Tin Cans

Start by peeling the labels off empty cans and washing them, making sure there are no sharp edges as you do so. Spray paint them in your favorite colors, fill them up with supplies such as pencils, pens, markers or anything else you may use in class, and then set them out for your students to use as needed. The colors brighten up the room, and if you’re worried about items disappearing, you can create a checkout system. After all, school supplies are expensive!

Hang Something on the Walls

Classrooms have had posters hanging on the walls for decades, but why not try something unique by hanging a custom canvas print created with Shutterfly? You can use them to print your favorite inspirational canvas quotes, periodic tables, multiplication tables or anything related to the subject you teach. If you can afford to, you may even consider featuring a student’s artwork once per quarter or semester.