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24x36 Canvas Prints

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What customers have to say about our Canvas Prints

November 16, 2017

Canvas Print Collage / Photo Album

"I absolutely LOVE Shutterfly. Everything I have ordered has been amazing. This is a gift, and it turned out exactly as I had hoped. Not surprising. Keep it up Shutterfly!!!"

November 15, 2017

Will make a great centerpiece at my dad's party!

"My father just passed away, he was adamant about NOT having a funeral service and wanted a party instead. His "Celebration of Life" party is coming up soon, I am excited to display this "Piece of Art". I opted for the 24" x 36" black frame collage, it's very very nice, and heavy, as is the canvas. I am very pleased with the final product. Even though some of the pictures are quite old (yet still digital), the Collage came through with great clarity. I think I spent 48 hours straight looking through pictures, restoring, downloading, etc. In the end it will be time and money well spent."

November 15, 2017


"Great quality, light weight, pictures came clear. Overall an excellent gift!"

November 15, 2017

Came out great!

"Color and quality are excellent, I will definitely buy more canvas prints."

November 14, 2017

Perfect Canvas

"My mom asked for a small print of my Eiffel Tower photo. Instead, I enlarged it on a canvas print which I'll give to her for Christmas. Perfect."

24x36 Canvas Prints

When you decorate your home, you are doing more than just making your living space more beautiful or expressing yourself. Those are important aspects of it, but the reality is, your custom home décor establishes the environment you move through, so the choices you make about items from furniture to custom wall art are not just reflections of your tastes, they are also reminders to yourself about the world around you and what you find important in it. By adding a seasonal rotation to your decorating choices, you prompt yourself to be mindful about the changes that come with time and you help to set your own seasonal rhythm by adapting to them as they come.

Artwork and Wall Hangings

The easiest way to achieve a seasonal rotation is to find elements that can be easily substituted for each other. For instance, if you have 24x36 canvas prints in spring or summer themes and colors, finding other prints that are the same size will give you the opportunity to do a clean change-over. Other areas where it is easy to find seasonal replacements without rearranging your entire furniture arrangement include:

• Curtains and window trimming
Throw pillows, blankets, and room accessories
• Tapestries and other wall hangings

Biannual and Quarterly Changes

Changing over a room’s entire decoration strategy every three months is a lot of work, but by planning to rotate certain elements for certain seasons, it is easy to create a dynamic room with just a little maintenance. Having a few key 24x36 canvas prints that change over in summer and winter, alongside items that only change in spring and fall, gives you the opportunity to create a progression instead of a total makeover.

Combine that with a few items that do change every three months, and your living space has managed to achieve a yearly rhythm that can be adjusted during the course of regular cleanup and maintenance. Suddenly, your dynamic, seasonal room is in place, and all it took was a bit of planning and imagination.