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Wood Wall Art

What customers have to say about our Wood Wall Art

November 5, 2013

10x24 wood wall art

"I was anxious about receiving the "wood wall art". It's over twice the price of the other wrapped, framed, and similar sized portrait wall art. Also, when previewing it says "Wood grain will vary and may not be exactly as seen here"...That statement concerns me when paying a premium for this product. ...however, in the end, I placed the order based upon the Shutterfly guarantee. Opened the package today... all I can say is WOW! Simply amazing. Got 100% smiles and I will HIGHLY recommend this product to those specifically seeking wooden wall art. The wood shows very light grain details behind our picture. However, I will note that our picture has a VERY dark brown background. All colors came out dark and rich, making it somewhat hard to see the wooden grain details. Perhaps a lighter background would show more wood grain? Also, I used the "white" color when adding text to the product. The "white" appears to be somewhat 'off-white' (the colors are somewhat accurately displayed in the preview process.... but again, the grain is very light as the vibrant colors of the photo are masking and overpowering the wood grain details;-) In all, I am VERY PLEASED with this purchase. It is picture perfect for placing on our cabin walls. Thanks Shutterfly!"

December 27, 2013

Wood Wall Art high quality!

"I ordered a wood wall art photo of my wife and I on an anniversary trip that I wanted to give her for Christmas. I usually try to find a unique picture I can give her each year as a present and the wood wall art was intriguing but I wasn't sure what to expect in regards to quality. I have never had issues with Shutterfly products before so I figured it would be a good option. I opened it after it arrived prior to giving it to my wife and was extremely satisfied and impressed but she is a tougher critic than I am so the true test was her reaction. She loved it! We were both very happy with the wood quality and the way the photo transferred to the wood, it turned out great. I would highly recommend this product for images you want to transform in to a lasting memory."

June 9, 2015

Great Piece

"I was hesitant to order this piece but it's beautiful. The quality of the wood is good and the print of the picture is perfect. It's a unique piece that looks great."

November 21, 2014

picture collage on wood

"Bought this for my husband. He was as happy as he was surprised. Great way to remember our trip to the Grand Canyon. Beautifully done and would definitely recommend the picture on wood to others."

March 14, 2014

Wood Art

"I needed a gift that was special. Our friends mean a lot to us and we wanted to give them something to show how much we appreciate them. The wood art from Shutterfly did not disappoint! It was very easily ordered / designed. The price was totally reasonable, especially comparing to having art framed locally. The shipping was really fast and the packaging showed a lot of care. The product itself was awesome! It's unique and lovely. Our friends loved it! They actually thanked us about 5 different times. I would recommend to anyone looking for a personal, high quality gift."

Create Custom Wood Wall Art

Whether you are renting your first apartment or decorating a house you will love for years to come, your home is a place that should make you feel loved and happy. Where you live is your place to surround yourself with the people you love. While you could just hang everyday prints or posters on your wall, custom art will help turn that apartment or house into a home. Shutterfly has an amazing array of custom wood wall art options to decorate your home.

Designing Your Personalized Wood Wall Art

Did you know you can have your favorite photographs printed on wood? Whether you want a stand-alone piece or a beautiful series of images printed on wood, Shutterfly has an easy-to-use template for you. Browse from one of the over 80 options for a wood print that is perfect for your home and budget.

Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to turn your favorite photos into beautiful wall art. Shutterfly also has an extensive art library to help you create pieces you love. The templates will guide you through the entire design process. You can pick unique design elements like monograms, borders and your own personalized messaging. You can choose a one-size piece or create an entire gallery. Showcase one favorite, create a custom collage or design a series of all your favorite images.

Personalized wood wall art makes great gifts. When you are puzzled on what to give your favorite newlyweds, turn your favorite photograph of them into a beautiful wood wall piece they will cherish forever. Turn your child?s school pictures into a unique gift for Grandma this Christmas. Create a custom family portrait print to display in your own office (who said you couldn?t give yourself a little gift).

Turn Your Best Photo Memories into Custom Gifts

Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to turn the memories you cherish into beautiful, personalized gifts. Do you have a year?s worth of photos of the kiddos? Turn their seasonal photographs into a one-of-a-kind calendar. (Bonus idea, you can print a personalized calendar for each set of grandparents this holiday season). If you like accenting your favorite images with texture, custom metal prints are a great way to display all of your best pictures. Just like the wood wall art, you can personalize your metal prints to match your photo library and your budget.

It?s easier than ever to take your photographs and turn them into beautiful pieces ready for display. Upload your images to Shutterfly for elegant and unique prints, calendars and wood wall art.

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