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Find the right format

When taking pictures, how do you hold your camera? Most people tend to hold it horizontally, in “landscape” mode, all the time, since it feels more comfortable and is the default position. Sometimes, that’s the right choice, especially for landscape and skyline shots where you want to convey scope and width.

Sometimes, though, it’s better to shake things up, and give a fresh look to your pictures, by turning the camera to a vertical position, also known as “portrait” mode. This mode is good for shooting tall, narrow subjects like a skyscraper, a bell tower or a forest of trees, but don’t limit yourself to such objects. Spend a day experimenting taking photos in portrait mode, even if you think they’re better suited for landscape mode—you’ll learn to compose pictures with a fresh eye. Keep doing this occasionally to give your images a sense of variety and freshness. Eventually, you’ll become equally comfortable working in both landscape and portrait modes.