How to > Take great pictures: the basics



Get started

Follow the “Rule of Thirds”

Use leading lines

Shoot the “Golden Hour”

Fill the frame

Make portrait subjects look
toward the frame

Arrange group shots

Arrange portraits around
an object

Shoot at child-level

Don’t use flash at night

Shoot now, delete later


Shoot now, delete later

It happens to everyone at one point or another. You’re shooting an event with your digital camera. You find yourself instinctively going to the camera’s playback mode to view the picture you just took, and see if it’s worth keeping. In that amount of time, something magical happens—and you miss it.

It’s actually an easy thing to avoid. Simply edit your shoot later and focus on the event now. Buy as large a memory card as you can afford so that you’re able to take hundreds of pictures without running out of card space. This will give you the maximum advantage in capturing memorable moments.