How to > Take great pictures: the basics



Get started

Follow the “Rule of Thirds”

Use leading lines

Shoot the “Golden Hour”

Fill the frame

Make portrait subjects look
toward the frame

Arrange group shots

Arrange portraits around
an object

Shoot at child-level

Don’t use flash at night

Shoot now, delete later


Fill the frame

In this picture, the background elements serve as a distraction from the subject, which is the girl. There’s a cool distance between the photographer and the subject that reduces the emotional impact of the picture. While you could always crop the sides of the picture after the fact, that would reduce the image resolution.



Instead, make sure that before you press the shutter, the subjects of your photo cover the entire frame. Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal. Move in closer than you normally shoot, or use the zoom feature. The results speak for themselves—a more intimate, more interesting image.