How to > Take great pictures: the basics



Get started

Follow the “Rule of Thirds”

Use leading lines

Shoot the “Golden Hour”

Fill the frame

Make portrait subjects look
toward the frame

Arrange group shots

Arrange portraits around
an object

Shoot at child-level

Don’t use flash at night

Shoot now, delete later


Shoot the “Golden Hour”

The first hour immediately after sunrise and the hour prior to sunset (even a good 15 minutes after sunset) are commonly known as the “Golden Hour” for photographing landscapes or subjects outdoors. Shooting in the middle of the day, under a blinding sun, tends to wash out the details in a picture. During the “Golden Hour”, though, the light from the sun hits the earth at a low angle, making your pictures pop with beautiful, warm colors. Keep your camera steady in low-light situations like this and take lots of pictures—the light changes dramatically over the course of just a few minutes.