How to > Take great pictures: the basics



Get started

Follow the “Rule of Thirds”

Use leading lines

Shoot the “Golden Hour”

Fill the frame

Make portrait subjects look
toward the frame

Arrange group shots

Arrange portraits around
an object

Shoot at child-level

Don’t use flash at night

Shoot now, delete later


Arrange group shots

In a portrait, the subject is the main focus, so eliminate any distracting elements in the foreground or background, or move to a simpler location, before you snap that picture. In this picture, there’s no clear focus. Two of the subjects are seated, one is leaning against the railing. There are snowboards and a bowl of snacks that pull the viewer’s eye away from the people.



This photo is much better. The subjects are closer together and there’s nothing else in the picture competing for the viewer’s attention. And whether there are two people in the picture or ten, don’t worry about placing everyone by order of height—this isn’t a class photo.