How to > Take great pictures: the basics



Get started

Follow the “Rule of Thirds”

Use leading lines

Shoot the “Golden Hour”

Fill the frame

Make portrait subjects look
toward the frame

Arrange group shots

Arrange portraits around
an object

Shoot at child-level

Don’t use flash at night

Shoot now, delete later


Use leading lines

When shooting landscapes outdoors, look for lines before bringing the camera to your eye. Are there clouds drawing your attention up and away or down to a tree? Are there lines in a road, on a building, or on a fence? Much like the “rule of thirds”, leading lines guide your viewer to see the important part of your photo and bring focus to your subject. You want people to look into your pictures, not out of them. Whether the lines are straight or curved, whether they’re shot head on or at an angle, whether they meet or diverge, it creates interest within the picture. This picture is a great example where the road brings you down into the landscape, then up to the sky. Leading lines work well indoors and outdoors.