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Share a single album

Once you’ve selected a set of pictures, Shutterfly gives you two ways to share. If you choose to share “As a single album”, you’ll be inviting recipients to view a single set of pictures. Enter the e-mail addresses of the people you want to see these pictures. You can save these email addresses for future use after the share is complete.




If you plan on sharing pictures often with the same friends and family, you’ll want to add these people to your address book, which can be accessed right below the email address box. On the next page, select “Add group”...




...then enter the names and email addresses of the contacts who you plan to share with frequently.




Next, return to the “Enter Message” page, edit the subject line if you’d like, and then add an optional message.

Click “Share now” and you’re good to go. Your family and friends will receive an email with a link to go view the pictures. What if some of them have an account with Shutterfly, but some of them don’t? Not a problem. Everyone you send the shared pictures to can view them in a full-screen slideshow, whether they have a Shutterfly account or not. Family members can order their own set of prints, again without having to register on the site. Those who do have an account can log in, save the shared pictures to their account, and do what they want with them—such as using the pictures to create their own projects.