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Add and edit pictures

With your Share site created, you now have a web address and a site email address (“your share site web address”—write them down and don’t forget them! Now it’s time to start filling in the details on your site. Start by adding pictures.



There are a various ways to add pictures to your site. The first is on the Share site itself. Either select “Add pictures” at the upper-right of the page or mouse over the options pulldown menu under “Recent pictures” and choose “Add album.” A pop-up window will appear. Add pictures directly from your Shutterfly account, clicking the “Add” button below the pictures you’d like to add to your Share site, or select “Add all” to add an entire album.

You can also upload new pictures from your computer by clicking the Upload tab and selecting the “Add Pictures” button. If you want to add pictures while on the road, send an email to your Share site email address with pictures (no text) attached.



The other way to add pictures is by clicking the “Share” button under My Pictures. When prompted, choose “Add to my share site” and select on which section and page the images will go.



Select viewing mode

To set how your pictures will be seen on the site, mouse over the Options pulldown menu on the right side of the pictures section you've just populated. Choose from a variety of viewing modes including Thumbnail, Film Strip and Slideshow. If you choose Slideshow view, go to the “Edit Section” option and navigate to the Slideshow tab to change the settings for speed, height, order and transition.



Select marquee pictures

The marquee at the top of your home page is for showcasing images that introduce visitors to the site. Set the marquee’s layout using the “Options” pulldown menu in the upper-left and choose from seven different layouts. To add pictures to the marquee, select the “Change picture” links and add pictures from your Shutterfly account or upload directly from your computer. You can also mouse over the lower-right in any picture-box for a pulldown menu—choose “Edit picture” to crop the photo or remove the picture and replace it with another one.



Edit pictures and albums

Pictures and albums can be edited by mousing over the upper right of any thumbnail. If your view mode shows picture thumbnails, hover over the arrow that appears on the thumbnail. Choose “Edit picture info” to edit the file name and description and “Arrange pictures” to alter the order of pictures within the album. You can also copy or move a picture to another album or section of the site; add a comment about a picture; order a print; download a picture; or delete the image.




In album view mode, hover over the arrow that appears on the thumbnail. Choose “Edit album info” to edit the folder name and description and “Arrange albums” to alter the order of albums on the site. You can also copy or move an album to another section of the site; add pictures to the album; order prints; create products from the album such as photo books and cards; save pictures from the album to your Shutterfly account; or delete the album.




You can always add and edit pictures and albums whenever you’d like, but next up it’s time to choose features and add sections to your site.