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Customize your site

To customize your Share site, add some of our features. Create blogs with journals, share favorite links, coordinate group events with calendars, and much more. Depending on the site category you chose, your site already includes default sections such as Recent Photos and Latest News. You can add content to sections, add or remove sections, add new pages, or rearrange the placement of sections on your page using drag-and-drop.



Add a section

To add a new section to your page, click on one of the links within a dotted box that reads “Add a section to this page,” or click “Add new section to page” on the “Customize” pull-down menu at the top. Then select the type of content you’d like to add from one of the three tabs. You can keep the default title of the new section, or rename it in the title field. Choose where on the page your new section will be placed, then click the “Add Section” button. For detailed information about the types of sections you can add, refer to Frequently Asked Questions in our Share Central site.



Modify a section

To change details about the contents of a section, and whether visitors and Members can modify it, mouse over the “Options” pull-down menu within the section box and select “Edit section.”



Move a section

You can move sections to another place on that page, to other pages on the site, or to another site you own. Move a section by rolling the mouse over its background until the hand icon appears. Click and hold your mouse button, drag the section to where you’d like it to appear, then unclick to “drop” the section in its new location. Alternately, mouse over the “Options” pull-down menu within the section box and click “Move section.”



Add new pages

To add a new page to your site, click the “Create new page” link located on the upper left of your homepage or select “Create new page” from the Customize menu. A pop-up window will appear. From the Details tab, choose the template and then give the page a name, web address, link title and description. When you’re done, click “Create” at the bottom.



To re-arrange the order that new pages (excluding the home page) appear on the navigation bar, simply go to the “Customize” pulldown menu, select “Change page order” and use the arrow buttons on the right of the dialog box to move pages around.



Modify page layout

To modify page layouts, choose “Change page layout” from the “Customize” pulldown menu at the top. Then select one of five page layout options and click the “Save” button.



Modify site style and info

To modify the visual style of your site, go to the “Customize” pulldown menu at the top and select “Change site style.” Select a new style and then click the “Save” button.



To modify the site’s name or info, go to the “Settings” pulldown menu and select “Edit site info.” You’ll see a field for “Site title”. Enter the new title and click “Save”.