5 Mother Nature Inspired Wellness Boards

mixed veggies, grains, and fruit wellness board

You are what you eat! Since the rise of the farm-to-table movement, root-to-stem cooking and the evolution of healthy take-out and delivery services, eating well as never been easier. Then, there’s the rainbow craze. We’re pulling our take on this trend straight from Mother Nature. Her nutritious creations provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the long list of benefits. Whether you live alone or entertain often, here are food boards for each and every situation.

carrots and radish on a cutting board

Be Kind to EVERY Kind

This colorful crudité platter pulls in purple, orange and yellow carrots, Romanesco florets, crunchy radishes and offers up two plant-based dipping sauces —turmeric and avocado.

healthy nuts and bread board


Pairing a sentiment inspired by the cuisine — this board of Italian treats includes kale and farro risotto in endive leaves, roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic glaze, Calabrian-chili purple potato salad and a make-your-own bruschetta corner.

healthy wellness board

Small Bites

Get gut-healthy by adding fermented foods — pickled veggies, sauerkraut or a miso-inspired sauce — to your board. This platter displays okra, cabbage, peppadew peppers, cornichons and a mélange of olives.

mixed fruit board

The Party Has Arrived!

The best boards double as potluck dishes and host gifts. We collected our eye candy at the farmers’ market — dragon fruit, pineapple, a mix of melons and berries — and set it out on the buffet at the celebration.

eat board with nuts and vegetables

Born to Graze

Kids like to snack. Feed into this habit by offering up a board filled with their choice foods —include childhood staples like fresh produce, bunny crackers, mini peanut butter sandwiches, fruit snacks and protein-packed edamame. This board is good for playdates and finicky eaters.

a mix of healthy juices

What’s food without a beverage? Fresh juice, herbal tonics and home brews are being concocted in many kitchens. Pour the drinks into a proper glass.

10 Ideas for Healthy Mason Jar Sentiments

  • Drink Your Greens
  • Fresh Pressed
  • Main Squeeze
  • Love You So Matcha
  • Charcoal is the New Black
  • Go for the Golden Milk
  • Go Berry or Goji Home
  • The Big Squeeze
  • Gimme All the Kombucha
  • It’s Always Mocktail Time

a variety of healthy juices