21 Heartfelt 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Throughout half a century together, you have figured out the secret to a happy marriage. Celebrate your golden anniversary by gifting something that symbolizes all you’ve built together. Or, celebrate Mom and Dad’s impressive decades together. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve created a list of 50-anniversary gift ideas that will bring tears of joy to their eyes as they reminisce on the years.

Gift Ideas

1. Abstract Gold Leaf Art Set

Express your abstract style through golf leaf and simple pops of color in this lovely framed gift idea. Just the four framed pieces transform a living room wall in your home. Get inspiration from abstract, yet personal, moments like the starry night’s sky on their wedding night.

2. Gold Leaf Dining Set

Gold Leaf Dining Set Gift

Source: DIY Mommy

Either with the help of a design printer or by hand, customize your own gold-leaf plates and mugs with message of your choice. Gold-accented his and her mugs make excellent 50th wedding anniversary ideas.

3. Collage Frame

Collage Frame Gift

Source: Shutterfly

After 50 years, your parents have built an empire. Help them see how far their family has come by creating a crafty visual full of those they love. By collecting their favorite photos and showcasing them in the Golden Love 16 Square Collage Frame, you’ll give them a gift they can’t wait to show off.

4. Up Inspired Adventure Book

Inspired by the movie “Up”, this heartwarming Adventure Book tutorial walks you through steps for displaying all your great adventures together, from building a family to trips around the world.

5. Vibrant Gold Leaf Artwork

Vibrant Gold Leaf Artwork Gift

Source: Sivan Ayla

Create a truly unique work of art by incorporating the gold leaf design and your colors of choice. Without extensive painting experience or supplies, this painting tutorial makes an unforgettable and unique anniversary gift.

6. Glass Frame

Glass Frame Gift

Source: Shutterfly

The best anniversary gifts take you back in time and help you remember moments like your wedding day. While it may seem like a distant memory, you can remind Mom and Dad of everything they felt on their big day. Whether you frame a photo of them saying their I do’s or enjoying their first dance, the Years of Love Glass Frame will make a lasting impression.

7. Arm-Knitted Throw Blanket

You don’t need to be an avid knitter to create this cozy blanket for your spouse. Follow these simple arm-knitting instructions to build a plush throw for chillier months. It’ll be the perfect cozy throw to display in their living room or backyard patio.

8. Golden Hand Painted Coffee Mugs

Cozy up with morning coffee after painting and gifting these gold-dipped mugs, perfect for those with a modern style and love for simple design. Pair it with artisanal beans from their favorite roaster or a milk frother to make barista style lattes at home.

9. Custom Necklace

Custom Necklace Gift

Source: Shutterfly

Sometimes the most treasured gifts are those that hold personal meaning. With the Gold Kristin Necklace, you can give Mom a keepsake that reminds her of your dad each day. Choose her favorite photo and use it to personalize a photo charm that she’ll cherish forever.

10. Glass Vase

Glass Vase Gift

Source: Shutterfly

Help your parents celebrate this momentous milestone with the Happiest Anniversary Glass Vase. You can even add fresh blooms, symbolic of their flourishing union that has no end in sight. Don’t forget to include personal details like how long they’ve been married and cute nicknames only they use for each other.

11. Custom Bracelet

Custom Bracelet Gift

Source: Shutterfly

If you’ve been assigned the task of helping Dad pick out a thoughtful gift for Mom, the Gold Jessica Bracelet hits all the right notes. Not only does it match the theme for this anniversary year, but it can be customized. Whether he adorns this stylish bracelet with photo charms or her birthstone, she’ll never go a day without her must-have accessory!

12. Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute Gift

Source: Shutterfly

Are Mom and Dad ringing in this iconic milestone with a massive celebration? If so, get them a gift they won’t see coming. Before they pop the bubbly, present them with their Years of Love Champagne Flutes. This charming gift not only memorializes their love, but will also serve as a reminder of this memorable night!

13. Chic Gold-Dipped Candlesticks

Chic Gold-Dipped Candlesticks Gift

Source: Jenny Batt

Ready for an elegant anniversary dinner at home, these hand-painted candlesticks are both a stylish and impressive present. Their touches of gold incorporate the golden theme of the big day. Display them as part of an elegant dining table decor and cook their favorite meal to enjoy with their new gift.

14. Customized Jewelry Bowls with Gold Leaf

Explore these fun and unique instructions for designing a stunning jewelry plate for all your spouse’s rings and earrings. Explore the use of gold leaf and customize the plates with a favorite design.

15. Photo Cube

Photo Cube Gift

Source: Shutterfly

Looking for a simple yet unique gift that your parents will be obsessed with? With the Golden Love Photo Cube, you can highlight standout moments from their marriage. By selecting photos from different decades, they’ll see how they’ve changed throughout the years, but notice one thing that has remained the same–their love for each other!

16. Photo Book

Photo Book Gift

Source: Shutterfly

The exciting part about spending half a century with someone is that there are dozens and dozens of memorable moments. Surprise Mom and Dad on this golden anniversary with a photo book that features a collection of candid photographs. Starting with them as children and working your way to the present, you’ll help them relive moments they never want to forget.

17. Golden Tassel Charm Necklace

Celebrate your Golden Anniversary with hint of gold and playful accents. These golden disc and tassel necklaces require basic jewelry-making skills and make quite a statement as a stylish gift.

18. Cozy Welcome Sign Wood Slice

Celebrate your cozy home with this wood slice and chalk paint project. Perfect around the holidays or for a great 50th wedding anniversary idea, this welcome sign accentuates the haven you’ve made in your home together.

19. Family Photo Wooden Plates

Classic for any home design, these wooden photo plates display the whole family and a lifetime of memories. Layer in a collection on the wall to create a whole new photo design throughout the home.

20. Canvas Print

Canvas Print Gift

Source: Shutterfly

Update your parents walls with a gift they’ll treasure. Whether you customize with photos of them throughout the years or all of their sweet grandchildren, the Golden Home Canvas Print will warm their hearts. A wonderful feeling to leave them with as they reflect on half a century worth of wedded bliss.

21. Custom Plate

Custom Plate Gift

Source: Shutterfly

With 50 years in the books, it might be time to update your parents’ table setting. The stylish Golden Love Plates are not only a way to honor their marriage, but can be personalized with photos. The next time they have dinner guests over, they’ll be excited to serve them on their one-of-a-kind plates that are uniquely theirs.

Whether you’re gifting to Mom and Dad or the partner who makes it all possible, these unique spins on the classic Golden Anniversary gift are sure to be cherished. Bring it all together with a thoughtful photo book that traverses the years you spent together.

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