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Anniversary Gifts by Year

Whether you’re attending an anniversary party or looking for gift ideas for your significant other, choosing the right anniversary gift makes all the difference. You can stick with a traditional anniversary gift or opt for a more modern gift to fit your partner. Whichever direction you go in, you should tailor and personalize your anniversary gift to reflect your loved one and remind them that you ‘still do’. We’ve provided a helpful list of anniversary gifts by year below for inspiration during this special time between the two of you.

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1st Wedding Anniversary Gift

Celebrate year one of marriage with a special gift that speaks to your newlywed status. The first wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated by giving a gift that involves paper.

Traditional Gift: Paper

Modern Gift: Clocks

Gift Ideas: Personalized stationery, tickets to the recipient’s favorite show or sports game, a framed photo print, or a custom wedding photo book.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift

The second wedding anniversary is all about comfort with the traditional anniversary gift being cotton. You can consider gifting everything from bedding and nice towels to garments and bathrobes.

Traditional Gift: Cotton

Modern Gift: China

Gift Ideas: Cotton bathroom towels, cotton “his and hers” bathrobes, or Egyptian cotton sheets.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift

Stronger than paper and cotton but still flexible, the traditional gift for the third wedding anniversary is leather. The modern gift for the 3rd wedding anniversary is crystal or glass.

Traditional Gift: Leather

Modern Gift: Crystal/Glass

Gift Ideas: Leather accessories, leather journal, leather bag/briefcase, custom glass plates, or custom wine glasses.

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

4th wedding anniversary gifts traditionally consist of flowers and fruit, the first representing a blossoming marriage and the latter representing the ripening of the relationship.

Traditional Gift: Fruit and Flowers

Modern Gift: Appliances

Gift Ideas: Fruit basket, flower bouquet, plants, or floral-printed linens.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional anniversary gift for year five is wood, symbolizing the growing strength and wisdom of the marriage. You can stick to traditional wooden items or consider making a gallery wall with wood frames that feature some of your favorite photos.

Traditional Gift: Wood

Modern Gift: Silverware

Gift Ideas: Wooden sculpture, kitchenware, wood framed print, or wooden home decor.

6th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional anniversary gift for year six is candy and formerly iron. Candy is considered romantic and sweet while in older times, iron was considered a gift that brought married couples good luck.

Traditional Gift: Candy

Modern Gift: Wood

Gift Ideas: Gourmet candy or chocolates, candy dish, or iron home decor items.

7th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional gifts for a 7th wedding anniversary are wool and copper, which both represent warmth and stability.

Traditional Gift: Wool/Copper

Modern Gift: Desk Sets

Gift Ideas: Copper vases or mugs, copper kitchenware or cookware, or bedding and clothing made of wool.

8th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Stronger than iron and copper, bronze is the traditional anniversary gift for eight years of marriage.

Traditional Gift: Pottery or Bronze

Modern Gift: Linens/Lace

Gift Ideas: Bronze home decor items, bronze figurines, voucher for pottery class, custom ceramic tile, or pottery home decor items.

9th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional 9th wedding anniversary gift usually consist of pottery, representing the molding of a relationship into something more sturdy and formed.

Traditional Gift: Pottery or Willow

Modern Gift: Leather

Gift Ideas: Pottery home decor items, pottery figurines, willow baskets, a willow bag or willow furniture.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift

While tin is the original anniversary gift for the 10 year mark, diamonds have become the more popular gift for this anniversary because they symbolize love and commitment.

Traditional Gift: Tin or Aluminum

Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry

Gift Ideas: Tin or aluminum ornaments or figurines, diamond anniversary ring, bracelets, pendant, or cuff link.

You can reference our guide on 10 year wedding anniversary ideas for more inspiration on celebrating a decade of marriage.

11th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for the 11th wedding anniversary is steel, symbolizing immense strength and durability.

Traditional Gift: Steel

Modern Gift: Fashion Jewelry

Gift Ideas: Stainless steel kitchenware, cookware items, or stainless steel accessories.

12th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for the 12th wedding anniversary is silk, representing the couple’s easy and smooth ability to weather the storms that come.

Traditional Gift: Silk or Linen

Modern Gift: Pearls

Gift Ideas: Silk or linen bedding, linen table cloths, linen napkins, or silk garments.

13th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for the 13th wedding anniversary is lace, symbolizing how delicate and beautiful marriage can be.

Traditional Gift: Lace

Modern Gift: Textiles or Fur

Gift Ideas: Lace clothing, lace accessories, curtains, floral arrangement with lace, or lace table cloths.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary is ivory, symbolizing loyalty and purity. However, this gift is no longer recommended or encouraged in efforts to protect elephants. If you do gift the couple with ivory, opt for imitation ivory or the modern gift option of gold jewelry.

Traditional: Ivory (Imitation)

Modern Gift: Gold Jewelry

Gift Ideas: Elephant figurine, decor gift with imitation ivory, gold jewelry, or gold figurine.

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Symbolizing a clear love, the traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift is crystal. Gifts for this anniversary are often given as either crystal or glass.

Traditional Gift: Crystal

Modern Gift: Watches

Gift Ideas: Crystal bowl, jewelry, figurines, decanters or crystal wine glasses.

16th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Symbolizing purity and strength, the 16th wedding anniversary gift is typically silverware. There is no traditional gift for this anniversary but silverware has become the ideal option over the years.

Modern Gift: Silverware

Gift Ideas: Silverware, silver tea sets, silver serving dishes, silver champagne glasses, or silver jewelry.

17th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Furniture is usually given as a 17th wedding anniversary gift. Before purchasing an item, it is completely acceptable to ask the married couple what their home decor or furniture needs are. After 17 years of marriage, they’ll appreciate gifts that they don’t already have.

Modern Gift: Furniture

Gift Ideas: Unique chair(s), a new mattress, a new dining table set, or an antique table.

18th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for the 18th wedding anniversary is garnet. However, the modern gift of porcelain has become the more popular 18th anniversary gift over the years.

Traditional: Garnet

Modern Gift: Porcelain

Gift Ideas: Ceramic bowl, porcelain figurines, vases, plates, or garnet jewelry.

19th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 19th wedding anniversary has never had a traditional gift but over the years, bronze has become the go-to gift. Bronze is related to strength and symbolizes good health and wellness.

Modern Gift: Bronze

Gift Ideas: Bronze figurine, chess set, sculpture, or sundial.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 20th wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate all that you’ve built together. With two decades officially under your belt, the traditional wedding anniversary gift is China which symbolizes love’s fragile yet lasting nature.

Traditional Gift: China

Modern Gift: Platinum

Gift Ideas: China tea set, custom china plates, vases, or a trip to China.

21st Wedding Anniversary Gift

There aren’t any traditional gifts for the 21st wedding anniversary but the suggested modern gift is brass or nickel.

Modern Gift: Brass or Nickel

Gift Ideas: Brass instrument, ornament, figurine, or tickets to a jazz concert.

22nd Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional and modern gift for the 22nd wedding anniversary is copper, which represents durability, good fortune, and beauty.

Traditional Gift: Copper

Modern Gift: Copper

Gift Ideas: Copper vases, mugs, kitchenware, custom engraved flask, or cookware.

23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift

The gift for the 23rd anniversary is a silver plate, symbolizing the need for continued family time and shared moments. There is no traditional gift for this anniversary.

Modern Gift: Silver Plate

Gift Ideas: Silver plates, silverware, clocks, platters, or silver jewelry.

24th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Although your 25th anniversary may be near, there are plenty of ways to make your 24th anniversary gift special. There’s no traditional gift for this year but the suggested modern gift is a musical instrument. If the recipient doesn’t play an instrument, consider giving them an antique instrument or tickets to their favorite show.

Modern Gift: Musical Instruments

Gift Ideas: Musical instrument, tickets to concert, musical jewelry box, or figurine.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 25th wedding anniversary is the momentous halfway mark to your 50th anniversary. Silver serves as both the traditional and the modern gift for this milestone anniversary.

Traditional Gift: Silver

Modern Gift: Silver

Gift Ideas: Silver jewelry, silverware, silver accessories, silver plates, or picture frame.

You can reference our fun guide on 25th anniversary party ideas for more inspiration.

26th Wedding Anniversary Gift

There’s no traditional gift for the 26th wedding anniversary but the modern gift is an original picture, which gives you plenty of freedom to plan out your idea. A personalized photo gift or a framed print that showcases a special moment in your marriage is the perfect option.

Modern Gift: Original Pictures

Gift Ideas: Gallery wall, custom canvas print, framed photo print, or a photo book.

27th Wedding Anniversary Gift

There’s no traditional gift for the 27th wedding anniversary but the modern gift is a sculpture. You can search for a beautiful sculpture to add to the home or head to a historical destination with plenty of sculptures in real life.

Modern Gift: Sculpture

Gift Ideas: Sculptures, a vacation to a historical city, or a trip to the museum.

28th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Although there’s no traditional gift for the 28th wedding anniversary, orchids have become a beautiful gift option for this anniversary. Orchids are delicate and exotic, symbolizing grace, beauty, and love.

Modern Gift: Orchids

Gift Ideas: Orchids, jewelry with orchid shape or symbol, or trip to an exotic destination.

29th Wedding Anniversary Gift

While their 30th anniversary is right around the corner, you can still find unique gift ideas for the couple’s 29th wedding anniversary. While there is no traditional gift for year 29, you can go by the suggested modern gift of furniture. This is a broad category so don’t be afraid to ask the couple if they have any specific furniture needs.

Modern Gift: Furniture

Gift Ideas: Unique chair(s), a new mattress, a new dining table set, or an antique table.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 30th wedding anniversary is a very momentous occasion for the honorees, their children, and their grandchildren. You’ll want to give the couple a gift that is timeless since they’ve likely accumulated plenty of items over the last 30 years. The traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary is pearl, symbolizing the beauty within, wisdom, generosity, and loyalty.

Traditional Gift: Pearl

Modern Gift: Diamond

Gift Ideas: Pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, or pearl cuff links.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Coral is the traditional gift option for 35th wedding anniversaries due to its beauty and the lengthy time it takes to form. Its beautiful colors and variations make it the perfect gift for celebrating year thirty-five.

Traditional Gift: Coral

Modern Gift: Jade

Gift Ideas: Coral jewelry, coral figurines, or jade jewelry.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 40th wedding anniversary is another major milestone in marriage that deserves a one of a kind gift. For the 40th anniversary, the traditional and modern gifts are both ruby. Rubies are the second hardest gemstone after diamonds, referred to as the stone of love, vitality, and energy.

Traditional Gift: Ruby

Modern Gift: Ruby

Gift Ideas: Ruby jewelry, cuff links, brooch, or ruby-colored acrylic print.

45th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Making it to year 45 is just as special as year 50. For your 45th wedding anniversary gift, the traditional and modern gifts are both Sapphire. Sapphire is a unique gemstone that represents faithfulness, sincerity, wisdom, and virtue.

Traditional Gift: Sapphire

Modern Gift: Sapphire

Gift Ideas: Sapphire jewelry.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 50th wedding anniversary is known as the golden anniversary, honoring the rare feat of making it to half a century of marriage. The traditional and modern gift for the 50th wedding anniversary gift is gold, representing optimism, wealth, and strength.

Traditional Gift: Gold

Modern Gift: Gold

Gift Ideas: Gold jewelry, gold framed photo, or figurine.

You can reference our easy guide on 50th anniversary party ideas to begin planning for this special occasion.

55th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Making it to the 55th wedding anniversary is an extraordinary achievement in married life. For this anniversary, the traditional and modern gifts are both emerald, representing love, faith, and hope.

Traditional Gift: Emerald

Modern Gift: Emerald

Gift Ideas: Emerald jewelry, plants, green figurines, green garments, or green ornaments.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 60th wedding anniversary is truly a special and rare one. The modern and traditional 60th wedding anniversary gifts are both yellow diamonds. Known as one of the rarest diamonds, the yellow diamond represents love, commitment, inner strength, joy, and happiness.

Traditional Gift: Yellow Diamond

Modern Gift: Yellow Diamond

Gift Ideas: Jewelry.

Getting inspiration from anniversary gifts by year and adding your own creative spin can make for an unforgettable gift. Consider personalizing your gifts with meaningful anniversary quotes for him or heartfelt anniversary quotes for her. If you’re looking for ideas for your parents, our list of anniversary quotes for parents can either elevate your personalized gift or add a sentimental touch to your anniversary card or anniversary invitation.

Finding the right anniversary gift may seem confusing but with a bit of guidance, you can choose something truly special for your loved one, family member, or friend. When it comes to anniversaries, each year is special so don’t be afraid to celebrate the years that aren’t as popular in tradition. If you’re planning an anniversary party, you can reference our simple guide on how to plan an anniversary party for all of your anniversary needs.