Best Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Giving your mom the best Mother’s Day gift is one of the many ways to show her your appreciation. Don’t know what to get her this year? One gift idea is a crafted gift basket filled with goodies customized to her likes. From coffee lovers to dog moms, a basket is a personalized approach that’ll make any mom’s day special.

The list below gives trendy and unique ideas to help you create the perfect basket for your mom on her day. For more ideas on what to get her, make sure to check out Mother’s Day gift ideas all moms will adore.

Food Gift Basket Ideas

For the foodie-moms out there, a food gift basket is a delicious and creative way to give her the delicious gift she craves. Whether she enjoys cooking or loves trying out different foods, the baskets below show your appreciation for her while appealing to her taste buds at the same time.

Monogrammed plates.

Coffee Gift Basket

What mom doesn’t love coffee? Whether she’s a new mom who needs a boost or is always on the go for her kids, a coffee gift basket is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift to keep her going.

Mother and young daughter.

Shop at a local coffee shop for some specialty roasted beans and add it to her basket with a new French press. If she likes to enjoy her coffee at home every morning, a new photo mug with her favorite family pictures is the way to go; for the career woman who’s always off to her next meeting, a travel mug will help make sure she’s always got her caffeine fix. Finally, if she loves to learn new things, a lot of coffee shops and roasters host classes, from how to make the best espresso to how coffee is produced. Keep an eye on local listings to include a special experience in her basket as well.

Brunch Basket

Brunch is the perfect time to catch up while enjoying avocado toast and mimosas. Fitting that experience into a basket is the ultimate gift for moms whose favorite meal happens to be the mix between breakfast and lunch.

Group of women at brunch.

Decadent pastries from local bakeries, hand-sliced deli meats, and locally sourced jam are food items that can be displayed in the mouth-watering basket. When it comes to drinks, orange juice and champagne are the perfect combo for a batch of mimosas. If your mom happens to need her cup of coffee to start the day, a latte mug paired with coffee beans completes the Mother’s Day brunch basket.

Wine Basket

Whether she favors red or white, a wine gift basket is a must for moms that deserve to unwind. For an added personalized factor, you can place her go-to brand in a customized wine tote with her favorite family photo.

Monogrammed wine glasses.

If she enjoys a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, make sure to add cheeses like brie or swiss to help her prepare for a well-deserved relaxing night in. When it comes to Chardonnay-lovers, an array of chocolate-covered fruits will for sure pair well with the white wine. To complete the basket, a stemless wine glass with her name on it is a simple yet special addition to the perfect gift.

Gourmet Gift Basket

For moms that appreciate the lavish lifestyle, a gourmet food gift basket is the way to go. From gourmet jam to specialty chocolate, the food and drinks included will appeal to the moms with expensive taste buds.

The first step is to start with gourmet popcorn, with flavors like truffle or caramel, depending on if she has a sweet or salty tooth. To add to the gourmet treats, a fruit preserve can be a fancy addition to her snack line up. The jam can be placed in a statement glass jar with her last name displayed on top to finish off the basket. Be sure to include a wide range of savory and sweet.

Chocolate Gift Basket

Whether she enjoys white, milk, or dark chocolate (or a little bit of everything) a chocolate gift basket for Mother’s Day is an indulgent and elegant gift.

The options for this gift basket are endless. Chocolate pretzels, chocolate-covered fruit, and chocolate chip cookies are a few tasty options. Make this even more special by adding a complementary wine to whichever chocolate you choose. Whether the candy is from a supermarket or specialty store, you can build a delicious chocolate basket no matter what budget you have.

Fruit Gift Basket

This one is for all of the health-conscious moms who enjoy refreshing fruit to snack on. Go to a local farmers’ market to pick out the best array of her favorite locally grown fruits. The basket would be aesthetically pleasing to place in the kitchen while also being a convenient spot to grab something as she passes by. Add on to her kitchenware with innovative fruit cutters that will speed up her everyday routine. You can also fluff up the basket with a decorative fruit-themed tea towel.

Chef’s Tools Gift Basket

Tile trivet, pot holder, cutting board next to tea pot.

If your mom enjoys cooking and you want to get her the right tools to maximize her cooking skills, a chef’s tools gift basket is the way to go.

With a bigger basket, an air fryer is a tool for making food with less oil. If she is someone who likes quicker meals, add a rapid egg cooker to maximize the amount of eggs you can cook in a short amount of time. If you need to fill the basket a little more, a colorful set of mini spatulas, custom pot holders, and engraved cutting boards can complete the home-chef’s ultimate Mother’s Day basket.

Tea Time Gift Basket

To share a gift of relaxation with a sprinkle of caffeine, the tea time gift is great for any mom who enjoys a nice warm cup at the end of the night. Some options are black tea, which typically has the highest caffeine; oolong tea, known for the fresh-flowery taste; and green tea, for less caffeine but still a delicious taste. Choose a wide variety so she has a unique sampler to try out.

Tea set on table.

Give the tea some accessories with custom ceramic coasters with personalized photos or a tea towel with her name or a family crest on it. To add more pieces to the basket, consider treats like shortbread or a local honey.

Self Care Gift Basket Ideas

It is nothing new to say that moms work extremely hard. A self care gift basket is a way to show her that her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and that you want her to take a moment for herself sometimes. Whether you’re celebrating a new mom or your grandmother, the baskets below will inspire her to relax and unwind.

Spa Gift Basket

Hand salve, lip balm, essential oils, bath crystals, and a face mask are all ingredients to creating the perfect at home spa that your mom will absolutely adore. Especially on Mother’s Day, the basket can be a reminder to indulge in self care by giving her all the necessities for pampering. Fluff the basket up with a loofah and sponge, and add shower gel, bath salts, soaps, and lotion to go a step further. To set the mood even more, add a monogrammed candle to the spa basket.

Cactus next to candle and canvas print.

Movie Day Gift Basket

If your mom spends her free time watching science fiction movies, romantic comedies, or throwbacks, a movie day gift set will for sure come in handy. Fill up the basket with her favorite treats and movie-inspired goodies as well.

Salted and caramel popcorn, boxed sour candies, and an assortment of chocolates checks the box for best movie snacks. To add to the movie theme, other essentials include a plastic slushie cup, a cozy throw blanket, and a ceramic bowl for popcorn. Do you know her favorite movies? Make sure to add a personalized touch with the DVD versions of her most loved films.

Monogrammed photo blankets.

Gardening Gift Basket

Have a mom with a green thumb? A gardening gift basket can provide all of the tools to have a relaxing gardening experience. The nature-inspired basket can include seed packets, garden gloves, and kneeling pads are all necessary tools to grow a garden. Consider monogrammed garden stones or a custom wind chime if you want to help with the decorative aspect of gardening and the outdoors.

Mom and child working in garden.

Yoga Gift Basket

Giving the gift of a yoga basket can encourage your mom to practice mindfulness and relaxation. It is a healthy yet entertaining activity that can be enhanced with a calm environment.

A gift basket for yoga enthusiasts should include comfortable and breathable clothing, a new and trendy yoga mat, earphones to listen to relaxing music, and a scented candle to set the mood. If she’s a beginner yogi, there are various programs and DVDs available to guide her through the experience. You can put a membership card or pass to a yoga studio near her as a final addition to the gift basket.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

For the moms that are unique and like out-of-the-box gifts, you can find a diverse range of gift basket ideas below to match her quirky personality. Whether she’s a dog mom or is a sucker for literary gifts, you can find inspiration in the miscellaneous section below.

Tote Gift Bag

Monogrammed prints hanging above yellow bench.

Although not exactly a gift basket, a monogrammed tote bag or reusable grocery bag can fit the same amount of items without revealing them right away. The bag is long and wide enough to hold things like wine, oil diffusers, succulents, stainless steel water bottles, and other mixed items. Mother’s Day isn’t bound by a specific theme which can be an exciting aspect to picking out the gifts for her special day. Plus, she’ll get to use the bag for all her errands once she unpacks everything!

DIY Gift Basket

If your mom enjoys do-it-yourself projects and arts and crafts, a fun idea would be to get her a Mother’s Day gift that allows her to express her creativity. With a DIY gift basket, you can fill it from top to bottom with art tools and supplies that she can use at home.

A clean canvas, various paint brushes, watercolor paints, and clay are a few of the various items you can place in the DIY gift basket. If she already has art that you think she would want to display, an art print of her masterpiece would add a thoughtful aspect to the basket. If she is more of a beginner, there are many books on cool do-it-yourself projects that could be added as well. Make sure to see what stands out to you that you think she would love, and get the supplies accordingly.

Travel Gift Basket

For the mom who’s always on the road or is a sucker for a fun vacation, consider getting her a travel gift basket. Whether they travel for work or for pleasure, travel essentials are always appreciated.

Family smiling and packing for a trip.

To give them gifts to cope during their flights, a neck pillow, earphones, and passport holder are all items that help with the stress of traveling. Getting her a filtered water bottle, foldable duffel bag, and customized luggage tags will be useful when it comes time to pack her bags and take a trip. She’ll remember you and your kind gesture every time she looks down at her luggage.

Literary Gift Basket

Sitting back and unwinding with a good book — if that describes your mom, a literary gift basket can be the perfect gift. If she has a favorite author or genre, try to incorporate them into her Mother’s Day basket.

Woman reading on couch in front of window.

With various author meetups and book clubs, a literary basket can incorporate experiences as well. If she happens to enjoy writing, include a few customized notebooks where you can add a piece of her to the gift. Pens, bookmarks, and book covers are all accessories that can be added to the gift basket. Finally, include a cozy blanket and snacks to accompany her while she enjoys kicking back and enjoying her book.

Dog Mom Gift Basket

For moms who have pets that are a large part of their lives, a dog mom gift basket is a great idea for Mother’s Day. The basket can be filled with treats, toys, and customized products with their fur baby all over them. This is a fun gift that all animal-lovers would be excited to receive on their special day.

Dog wearing bandana.

There are so many options, but a personalized touch always takes the win. Our collection of gifts for pet lovers has everything from desktop plaques and dog tags to phone cases, canvas prints, and even puzzles. Simply upload your favorite shot of your mom’s furry friend and customize the gift with their pet’s name or nickname. When it comes to treats, there are customized treat jars that not only can store the food, but serve as great decoration for the kitchen as well. If your mom enjoys dressing up her fur baby, a monogrammed dog bandana with a quote or their name is the perfect addition to the ultimate dog mom gift goodies.

On-The-Go Gift Basket

Do you feel like your mom is always out and about? The on-the-go gift basket can help with her busy lifestyle and serves as a perfect gift for occupied mothers. The basket can be filled with snacks that she can grab on her way out the door, like nutritious bars and bags of popcorn. When it comes to electronics, getting her a portable charger to add in the gift basket is a great addition to people who aren’t always home to plug in their charger. If you do notice she is extremely busy, a personalized monthly planner can help her schedule her day-to-day life. The diverse items, from food to electronics, can reduce the stress of her hectic lifestyle as her Mother’s Day gift.

Monogrammed photo journals.

Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day is a time to give recognition to the important women in your life. They’ve had an important role in raising you, and there aren’t enough ways to verbally say thank you. Putting thought and effort into a personalized gift is one way to express your gratitude. Whether she enjoys doing hot yoga on her days off or loves to kick back by watching a romantic comedy, all moms enjoy gifts that have had thought put into it. A gift basket with all of her favorite items will definitely make her feel how she should — special. For more Mother’s Day gift ideas, make sure to visit our related resources below: