Best Pride Cards to Send in 2022

Pride Month is fast approaching, a time for recognition and celebration –– in unlimited colors and emotions. Honoring acceptance and inclusivity is the driving force of why this month is so special to everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.

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  • Make this Pride Month shine by sending out customized Pride cards to share what Pride means to you, with all the happiness, joy, and celebration that comes with celebrating Pride Month. Spread your love, joy, and happiness for Pride with personalized Pride cards to those who have supported your journey and remain your biggest cheerleaders. Celebrate the amazing Pride Month with special gifts and decor to show off your pride for Pride Month.

    How to Create Pride Cards

    Creating memorable Pride cards is fun and easy with a few simple steps. Simply following our easy to follow instruction guide will help you create a fantastic and memorable Pride card that you will love to send out to your family and friends. Let’s get started.

    First, choose the best Pride card template you like the most from our Pride card designs. Browse from cards that are flat or fold with a variety of colors, designs, and styles.

    Second, depending on the template you choose, you can start customizing the pictures and images you want to include within your beautiful Pride card. Add different images of Pride parade celebrations, or your family or friends.

    Third, start adding details such as names, special Pride messages, clip art images or images specially curated for Shutterfly’s Art Library. Arrange and customize your card to include as much or as little detail as your like. No matter how you personalize your card, your card card recipient will love receiving a custom Pride card in the mail.

    Fourth, once you’re done adding all your personal details, review your finished card. You can choose to have Shutterfly send your cards out to your recipients or send them out yourself. If you send them yourself, you can also include a special handwritten message on your custom Pride card. Writing a handwritten message on your card will let them know you took the time and effort to include a personalized message “Happy Pride” wish.

    Now that you’ve created your Happy Pride greeting cards, browse other great products from Shutterfly that you can create for yourself or gift to others for Pride Month. Check out our Gift Guide For A Happy Pride Month for more ideas and inspiration for gifts you can give to celebrate Pride this year.

    Woman with face mask and afro hair holds up the lgbtq flag of gay pride

    When to Send Out Pride Cards

    Typically it’s best to send Pride cards out two to three weeks before the day of your event, in this case, you may want to send your Pride cards between the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May. Timing can be flexible on sending your card out since Pride is celebrated all month long in June.

    Best Pride Card Designs

    Shutterfly’s Pride card designs come in a wide range of styles and designs that are perfect for everyone, whether you like a simple Pride card or a more extravagant Pride card. Explore our gallery of designs and choose which one you want to design and send out this year to celebrate Pride.

    Big Bold Love Pride Month Greeting Card

    Send your Pride wishes with this Big Bold Love Pride Month Greeting Card. This card features the message “Happiest Pride” with a space to add a clipart image of a heart alongside your name. Include a festive main picture of you celebrating Pride or any other picture that shows your Pride spirit. Your card recipients will love opening your card to see your bright and smiling face.

    Big Bold Love Pride Month Greeting Card

    Wonderful Love Pride Month Greeting Card

    Showcase your love with your spouse with a card that features the message “Love is Love”. This simple yet beautiful design gives you the option to have both an inspirational message as well as a photo featured on the front of your card. Include a simple message such as “Happy Pride” and sign the bottom of the card with you and your spouse’s name. This card is a great option for couples who are sending out Pride cards as well as singles who want to wish their loved ones a Happy Pride.

    wonderful love pride month greeting card

    Neon Rainbow Pride Month Greeting Card

    This throwback neon rainbow Pride card is perfect for people who love to party and celebrate. With the word “Pride” spelled out in neon rainbow colors, it embodies the fun, celebratory and bright emotional drivers that symbolizes what Pride means. This folded card also offers space on the inside and on the back to add pictures and messages you wish to give to your Pride card recipients.

    In addition to the messages you could have printed on the card, there’s enough space for you to add a handwritten message of your own. Writing out a personal message for each of your card recipients will let them know that you took the time to truly wish them a Happy Pride.

    Neon Rainbow Pride Month Greeting Card

    Love Wins Pride Month Greeting Card

    Send your love and support for your LGBTQ+ friends and couples with a personalized Pride Month greeting card specially designed with them in mind.

    To create this specially designed card for them, you can take your favorite picture of them, and add meaningful text such as “Happy Pride, [Name] & [Name]! Love you both so much! [signed Name & Name]. Alongside the colorful pastel image of a rainbow filled with the message “Love Wins” your card recipient will love opening this card specially made for them to celebrate Pride Month.

    Love Wins Pride Month Greeting Card

    Rainbow Revolution Pride Month Greeting Card

    This festive folded card features a loving message with rainbow colors saying “Loving yourself is the greatest revolution. Happy Pride” This message is all about self-love, being comfortable in your own skin, and embracing all you are. Sending this personalize pride card will not only send your love to your friends and family, but it will let them know that they will always be there for you no matter what the circumstances are. With the supportive message on the front, the inside of the card allows you to add a personalized handwritten message to all your loved ones. On the inside of the card, you can feature pictures, long typed messages, or short typed messages.

    Rainbow Revolution Pride Month Greeting Card portrait folded card

  • Bright Pride Pride Month Card

    This bright and color Pride Month card is a great card to send to your friends and family in honor of Pride Month. With the message “Happy Pride” in a variety of rainbow colors, this card also features space on the front to add a special message to your loved ones. Add messages of support and love for all your loved ones who identify as LGBTQ+. This card also gives you the option to add long typed messages on the inside as well as memorable photos you have of Pride celebrations. Sending this card will let your LGBTQ+ know you are with them all throughout their journey.

    bright pride pride month greeting card in landscape folded card

    Sealed With Pride

    Celebrate Pride Month by sending your love and support for the LGBTQ+ community with personalized Pride Month greeting cards. By simply sending a Pride card to your friends and family it will give you a way to spread your Happy Pride wishes in a beautiful and authentic way.

    Pride cards are a symbol of support and love that your card recipients will love to receive this Pride Month. This Pride Month, capture every moment, every celebration and live proud of who you truly are.

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