Candle Decoration Ideas for Every Home

The following guest post was created by Lora from Craftivity Designs.

Hi, I’m Lora Green, of Craftivity Designs, a blog where I document the story of creating our home. We take fixer-uppers and, over time, mold them into our family home; providing glimpses of our personality, our stories, our dreams, our travels, and our faith.

Creating a home involves more than filling up empty rooms with things. It is more than simply “decorating.” In fact, I’d suggest that creating a home is the process of making your home a haven – a cozy, intimate, space that reflects the personality of the family that lives within its walls. Even small details – like candles – can impact the ambiance of a home. Today, I’ll show you three candle decoration ideas that are perfect for the intentional homemaker.

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family room candle decoration ideas

Why I Love Personalized Candles

With the goal of creating a home in mind, you can imagine how much I loved the packaging of personalized candles from Shutterfly. Simple black and white boxes with:

decorate: /deke·rāt/ v.

Create Something Stylish. Make an object more beautiful by adding your personal touch.

Isn’t the definition perfect? It’s exactly why I’ve long-loved candles, they help me create an intentional home.

bathroom candle decoration ideas

Three Candle Decoration Ideas for an Intentional Home

The following three candle decoration ideas work well for any family. The ideas include quote based candles, monogrammed candles, and candles with initials, along with where to place them in your home. And if you like the ideas below and want additional inspiration, check out Shutterfly’s other home decor ideas.

Candles with Lyrics, Scripture, or Quotes

Does your family have a favorite song, scripture verse, or quote? Maybe you have a family motto, mission statement, or special saying. Add those cherished words to a personalized candle, in a classic black and white font.

bathroom candle decoration ideas

Set a decorative candle in the kitchen. Use it to add ambiance in the evening or to mask any leftover cooking aromas that aren’t so pleasing.

In our kitchen, with spring and vegetable gardens in the near future, I wanted a candle that reminded me of new growth and new life. A verse from Isaiah was the right choice, simply designed in a modern font and paired with a single stem of greenery.

bathroom candle decoration ideas

Candles with Monograms or Initials

The most classic way to personalize any item is with monograms or initials, and the same goes for candles. In the bedroom, it made sense to feature our family name on a personalized candle. Again, in a timeless black and white font, I added our last initial, name, and wedding date. It pairs perfectly with a family photo, sitting atop a cherished antique dresser.

mantel candle decoration ideas

Obviously, this would make a great gift idea, too. Whether for a wedding or an anniversary, nearly everyone loves candles, making this gift idea a guaranteed hit. I’d tuck one into a gift basket filled with home goods as a bridal shower gift idea.

family room candle decoration ideas

Candles with Family Photos

An intentional home will likely include family photos, but they don’t all have to be hung on the walls. Be creative! Display photos in different sizes and in a variety of places, providing little glimpses of family throughout the home. My husband loves waking up to this sweet photo candle sitting on his nightstand.

family room candle decoration ideas

I used a recent family photo and overlaid it with a scripture verse that is meaningful to our family. Like a monogrammed candle, a photo candle would make a thoughtful gift, too. For an anniversary, use your wedding photo… for a grandparent, feature photos of the grandkids… in a nursery, use a black and white ultrasound photo.

family room candle decoration ideas

How to Decorate with Candles

As someone who has a candle burning at least several days a week, I’ve learned how to incorporate candles seamlessly into decor. Here are a few of my favorite tips for decorating with candles:

  • Choose candle colors that coordinate with your decor (or, go simple, with a neutral white).
  • Use books, decorative boxes, or candle pedestals to vary heights and add depth.
  • Place them amongst small vignettes (typically 3 or 5 items – stick to odd numbers).
  • Keep matches stored nearby each candle (tuck them in a pretty bowl), so that you will actually use them!

Designing a Personalized Candle

Not sure how to design a personalized candle? You’ve got a couple of options.

  1. Shutterfly Design Tools:There already exists a wide variety of personalized candle designs that are ready to use. Simply plug in your uploaded photo, and you are ready to order!
  2. Photo Editing Software: If you’d like to upload your own design, utilize an outside editing program (such as an online photo editor, app, or software program). Crop the design to a square for the candle.

The upload your own design feature is my go-to choice when shopping for products. Each candle was customized specifically for our style and personality! If you are passionate about creating an intentional home, try personalized candles as part of your decor.