Crafting the Perfect Purple Bedroom

purple striped pillow on a bed

Purple is the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow. The color that mixes warm red and cool blue represents luxury, royalty, peace and pride. The hue symbolizes magic and creativity. From deep dignified plums to light lavenders and lilacs, all shades of this hue are making a statement in homes after Pantone named Ultra Violet the 2018 Color of the Year.

purple themed bedroom

Build a Comfy Bed

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep or a daytime nap. Create the perfect resting place layer by layer with these tips. Start with a firm foundation — a sturdy bed frame and a solid mattress. To add cushion, consider buying a featherbed for under your fitted sheet.

  1. Cut Across the Corner In an odd shaped room, make the bed the focal point by angling it.
  2. Double Up on Duvets Use one as the bedcover and fold another across the foot of the bed. It will provide more warmth as the seasons change.

flowers in a vase next to a purple pillow

  1. Sentiment Shams Are King A king sham placed front and center makes a statement. Change up the mood in the room with different sentiments.
  • I’d rather be sleeping
  • Sleep solves everything
  • Naps are my vice
  • Pro-naps, anti-alarm clock
  • Wake me up before you go go
  • Let’s get some shuteye
  • Living in dreams
  • REM Goals

purple bed pillow and flwoers in vase

  1. Throw Your Pillows An assortment of different sized accent pillows add dimension. Mix geometric patterns and organic hand-drawn prints.
  2. Blanket Basics Sherpa and plush throws are good to have on hand for lounging or to provide a light layer.

purple art on bedroom wall

Re-invent the Gallery Wall

Don’t worry about creating a grid that takes up the entire wall. Pull in an arrangement that works for the art pieces you have on hand. Then, fill the rest of the space with textural décor.

striped purple pillow on bed

Accents are Everything

Purple is a color rarely found in nature. Make organic elements — like sea shells, flowers and crystals that showcase the beautiful shades — part of your design.

purple and pink flowers in a vase