Create Easy Photo Books With Instant Books

If you’re looking for the easiest way to make a photo book, our new Instant Books can effortlessly bring your favorite memories to life in a fast photo book experience. Made right from your phone or computer, Instant Books are perfect for all of those real, everyday moments. Whether it’s silly moments at home with the kids, local weekend adventures, or just those perfectly imperfect pictures, all you need to do upload your photos and your photo book will create itself. Read more for some tips and inspiration to get started on your Instant Book creations, and you’ll be making easy photo books in an hour or less! Every minute counts – we want to get you back to doing you, as fast as we can.

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Introducing New 6×6 Instant Books

6x6 hardcover instant photo books with pictures of family adventures and a mom and her children on the cover

It’s time to free all those kind of weird, sort of silly, perfectly imperfect photos from your camera roll. Savor more memories in an instant with our new Instant Books. Create an easy photo book in record time, so you never have to miss those special everyday moments.

Instant Books can quickly and efficiently create a 20-page, hardcover photo book from any device – anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s on your computer or our mobile app, simply upload your favorite images and we’ll instantly make you an affordable hardcover photo book that’s fully customizable.

Make A Hardcover Photo Book In Minutes

Making a photo book doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. In fact, our goal is to help make it an enjoyable activity! You can make a custom photo book in as little as five minutes. After your photos are uploaded, you can easily add, edit, and rearrange your favorite memories to make a photo book that’s uniquely yours.

Your Instant Book should be as special as the memories it holds, so make a quick photo book that’s perfectly customized to your heart’s content. Show your personality on each page when you add text, stylish embellishments, unique backgrounds, and experiment with layouts. You won’t have to spend hours editing your photos either — our photo editing tools and auto-enhancement software helps you make each image look perfect. Once you’ve submitted your order, you can expect a treasured keepsake at your front door in just a few days!

Auto-Fill Makes For Easy Photo Books Fast

Wondering how Instant Books can create a photo book so quickly? We use information from your photos – dates and locations – to suggest and auto-fill pictures for your photo books. From there, you can scoot images around to your liking, or simply add your title and check out! That means you can easily make a 6×6 photo book of birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, first days of school, family game nights, and so much more. Our Instant Books feature makes it fast and easy to make a wedding photo album, baby photo book, or memory book by highlighting pictures from special occasions and everyday moments.

Tips For Quick Photo Book Creation

make quick and easy photo books with instant books

Curating the photos you upload to make a photo book can be one of the most time-consuming pieces along the way, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks on how to make a quick photo book. With our new Instant Books, making a high-quality photo book only takes a handful of minutes and will save you hours when it’s time to create your keepsakes! Once you get an idea of how to start, follow our steps to create your own photo book and see for yourself how easy it is.

Organize Your Photos Into One Place

If you have thousands of photos scattered throughout different devices, whether it’s in the cloud, on a desktop, your camera’s SD card, or phone, it can be frustrating not remembering where your favorite ones are when trying to make a photo book. To prevent this pictorial foraging, start organizing by bringing all your photos to a single location. It can be a folder on your laptop, an online storage service like My Photos, or an external hard drive.

Download The Shutterfly App

Having all of the images from your device ready to go in your Shutterfly account will make placing them into a photo book a much quicker process! To get photos off of your camera roll, try uploading them into our mobile app and then straight into an Instant Book or our unlimited storage service.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

If your camera roll includes photo albums — either ones you’ve set up yourself or ones that your phone has automatically identified as belonging together — Instant Books can pull in an entire album for you. Searching with facial recognition, keywords, dates, and auto-created albums within your photo storage provider also helps spur ideas and collect related images for grouping into a custom photo book. Just download the Shutterfly app, choose your photos, and you’re done making a photo book in under five minutes.

Borrow Our Photo Book Title Ideas

The best photo books help you tell your story and bring your memories home. Pairing your photos with the right words makes all the difference. Not sure what to title your photo book? To save you some time, here are some unique photo book title ideas that you’re welcome to borrow or gain inspiration from!

Choose A Photo Book Theme

photo book themes for instant books

When it’s time to make your book, try choosing the best photo book themes to help make the process easier. This is a good way to keep to a single design throughout your photo book. While this might evolve over time, sticking to a single theme ties all your images and memories together.

Wrapping Up

It’s now easier and more affordable than ever to make a custom photo book. Making a photo book with our new Instant Books is easy, quick, and efficient. Your hardcover photo book showcases your most special memories in 20 pages of your single most favorite images. Start a collection and make a new Instant Books each month to bring your favorite pictures to life.

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