Create Personalized Candles With Your Photography At Shutterfly

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I’ve partnered with Shutterfly to share a few of my favorite ways to turn all the photos on my Instagram into something more meaningful to decorate with in my home. I had this idea to create a candle with an image of my son on it, so I selected the Grapefruit Blossom scented candle from their site and placed a photo of little Aidan on it taken by my husband, an image that is very precious to me. When the candle arrived yesterday, I felt so happy opening the orange box because it the candle not only smells just wonderful but when I saw the photo of my son on it, it really touched my heart.

Today when I placed it on my table, the warm glow of candlelight coupled with fresh roses he and his father brought home from the farmers’ market today, made me feel really cozy and in a bit in an Autumn mood on this moody and cold Friday where I live.

When it comes to decorating, I believe in simple, special touches. Shutterfly is an unexpected spot to design your own products for home Shutterfly a special meaning to you, which is why I wanted to tell you about them. Not only can you add your photography to things like mugs, candles and pillows, but you can add your illustrations too.

If you’re an artist, seeing your artwork on something that you use each day would be very uplifting, don’t you think? These cherished customized items also make great gifts. I will show you some mugs I personalized on my Instagram soon for my husband and I that I know you will love and want to own for yourself with photos that you love, too.

You have to get a candle from Shutterfly and personalize it for your space, it’s just the nicest present to give to yourself and your home!

Honestly, I don’t do much with my photos with the exception of publishing them online, selling them into magazines, or putting them into my books or in the books authored by others. When Shutterfly approached me to work with them, I felt like it would be a huge burden to embark on a project where I’d need to choose products for my photography. That’s why I started with a candle. It was simple and I love the results.

In the next week or so, I’ll show you a blanket, some costersmugs, a tote and several other items I personalized, too. It was really fun and I’m already dreaming up what else I can personalize with family photos for my home. Maybe you should try it, could inspire you too.


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