Custom Wall Decor Ideas for 2021

Turn your favorite moments into custom wall decor that brings happiness and joy to your home.

Capture this year’s moments by creating custom wall art for your home decor. For every room in your home, you’ll have beautiful, personalized wall decor that’s filled with love. By uploading favorite photos and family portraits, you can create wall art that’ll accent any home or office. From outdoor adventures to pancake mornings as a family, you can turn life’s special moments into stunning wall decor.

Our guide to wall art ideas for 2021 includes everything from gallery walls to landscape canvas prints to home decor framed artwork. When designing your own wall decoration, you can choose the style that matches your home and brings your photos to life.


Family Gallery Wall

A family photo wall is a beautiful way to showcase your family’s favorite moments. Select photos that have lots of life in them, such as the kids playing in the snow, splashing at the beach, or laughing together around a campfire. Learn the best ways to create a gallery wall here

Yellow gallery wall with different size prints of young kids

Canvas Prints

By printing your photos on canvas, you get a polished professional look for your wall decor.  Whether you’re looking for smaller prints, like 5×7 or larger ones like 8×10, choose the right wall art size for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Canvas wall art prints are an easy way to bring your favorite moments and faces front and center. 

Diverse Spread

Building an eclectic spread is a stunning way to add depth, color, and character to your space. Place classic framed prints alongside canvas prints and quote art. Intermix wood art with hanging canvas prints. The diversity of texture and colors gives your wall decor personality and allows you to add to your collection over time.

Travel Collection

Looking for wall decor ideas that have meaning? Showcase all the beautiful places you’ve visited whether it’s overseas or around your hometown. By displaying your favorite places and memories, you’ll be reminded of your adventures and all the special stories that come along the way. Include photos of your favorite canvas landscapes to moments like enjoying ice cream on a summer day.


Symmetrical Spread

Create a gallery wall that’s symmetrical. Consider a pattern with three or four photos in a row, and two or three photos per column. Choose the same frames or personalized photo tiles for consistency and easy hanging.

Metallic Prints

Looking for stunning wall art ideas? Metallic wall art prints can turn your photos into high-definition wall art that’s bound to garner attention from anyone who walks into the room. The modern metal material radiates with both color and texture—making your photos extra vibrant.

Black and White

Give your custom wall decoration a vintage feel by turning your photos into black and white. The classic look complements many color schemes, making it an easy choice for any room in your home. Choose a theme for your black and white collection, like your wedding photos, or gather a variety of moments from over the years.

Black and white framed canvases on wall.

Hanging Canvas Prints

Add character to your wall art by choosing a decorative hanging canvas print. Different from a framed or stand-alone canvas, the hanging style provides its own flair. Choose a family photo or snapshot of your pet to design custom wall art for you and your home. Hang several in a row for a gallery wall effect. 

Themed Wall

Choosing a theme for your wall decoration builds cohesion. Consider themes like family vacation or romantic moments to build your wall art. The best wall decor ideas allow you to add to them over time as you gather more photos and memories.

Travel Wall Decor

Quote Art

Turn your favorite quotes, song lyrics, and poems into wall art that has special meaning. Place your wall art as a stand alone piece or intermix with photo wall art. With personalized wall hanging ideas like quote art, you’ll have a home that represents your personality. 


Multi Panel Wall Art

Create a professional panoramic spread with several panels ranging from two to eight pieces. Consider a vibrant photo from an adventure, such as your hike in the Smoky Mountains or kayak on a local river. When we share precious places and moments in stunning wall art, they make for conversation pieces and beautiful home decor.

Wood Art

Whether your home has a modern farmhouse style or you have a cozy den that needs wall decor, wood wall art can offer the perfect complement. The wood-grain texture enhances your photos and transforms them into wall art with unique depth and character. 

Holiday Memories

The holidays are some of the most special times of the year. Capture the magic on your walls forever by creating wall decor from your holiday photos. From frosting cookies with grandma to lighting the menorah, you can bring your favorite moments right to center stage.

Matching Frames

Whether you prefer white, black, or wood frames for your art, sticking with the same color on a single wall can bring harmony. Mix your sizes for visual diversity, such as hanging an 8×10 next to two 5x7s. Plan to fill your space but not overwhelm it. 

Photo Tiles

With stick-on photo tiles, you can hang your wall art in seconds and move them at any time without damaging your walls. Choose two or more tiles to place next to each other for a photo spread. Photo tiles are perfect ways to show favorite moments from the past year, whether it’s commemorating a birth, graduation, or special night out.  

Family artwork hanging on wall.

Through the Years

Build a timeline of love through your photos. Begin with the early years as a couple or family and add photos from recent adventures. You’ll show the journey you’ve been on, how things have changed and can add to the wall decor at any time. Display your collection on your staircase, in a hallway or entryway.  

Photo Blanket

For unique wall hanging ideas, consider a woven or fleece photo blanket as wall art. The texture will bring diversity to your walls and add coziness to the room. A photo blanket makes for great wall decor in a living room, den, basement, or cottage. 

Art Prints

With all the photos you’ve taken over the years, there’s bound to be a few that are stunning pieces of art. Whether it’s a mountain landscape or backyard snapshot of your dog, turn these beautiful photos into their own works of art

Love Story

From your first year together to now, showcase the special moments and memories you’ve made as a couple. With custom wall decor, you can bring the photos off of your phone and onto your walls. You’ll have a collection of beautiful moments to enjoy every day and reminisce on all the special memories with your partner.

Family Traditions

Looking for wall decor ideas that are special and unique? Create custom wall art that reflects your favorite family moments: your traditions. From bike rides in the summer to sledding in the winter, showcase your special moments with those you love the most. 

Final Thoughts on Custom Wall Art

Even a single piece of custom wall decor brings love and beautiful memories into your home. Whether you’re beginning or expanding your collection, create a space that’s personalized and happy. With a variety of custom wall art ideas, you can design wall decor that matches your home and adds new life to your space. Don’t wait any longer: bring your best moments front and center for all to see.

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