Tips for DIY Graduation Yard Signs

A graduation is an amazing achievement in any student’s life. The graduate worked hard for years with early mornings, late nights, and countless amounts of homework assignments to get to where they’ve become today. As they go off into their new futures, remind them of the great work they’ve done with a personalized graduation yard sign. This will not only honor your graduate but it will let your friends and family know that your student graduated. Learn how to make a customized graduation yard sign with these simple and easy to follow instructions.

What is a Graduation Yard Sign?

A graduation yard sign is a sign that is displayed on the lawn or yard with a happy congratulatory graduation message for a recent graduate. Whether the new grad is graduating from elementary school, middle school, high school, or college and above, this celebratory graduation message will make their hard work at school known to the world. These easy-to-install yard signs come with double-sided printing, making the sign easy to spot from either direction. Yard signs come with an aluminum “H” shaped stake, making it easy to insert into the ground and holds the yard sign in place. Create a personalized DIY graduation yard sign to honor your new graduate for their accomplishments this school year.

graduation yard sign with three different layouts on an H shaped steel hook to hook in the yard

How To Create A Graduation Yard Sign

Creating a DIY graduation yard sign is easy and simple with a few simple steps. Customize this graduation yard sign for your new graduate and utilize different details such as adding the graduation year, the school the student graduated from, the school colors, and any special congratulatory messages you wanted to be displayed for your new graduate. Following these simple three steps, you’ll create a personalized graduation yard sign for your new graduate.

  1. Browse Shutterfly’s variety of yard sign templates you want to use for your personalized graduation sign. You can also choose to completely create a yard sign template from scratch for an additional custom DIY touch.
  2. Select which yard sign best suits your new graduate’s style and start adding personalized details to the graduation yard sign. In this step, you can include important details such as the name of your graduate, a photo of them, the graduation year, and the school they graduated from. Additional embellishments can include using their school colors as the color scheme of the yard sign, adding an image of their school mascot, or a congratulatory message to say you’re proud of them.
  3. After you finish personalizing your graduation yard sign, the only thing left to do is a final review of your custom graduation yard sign and click order. Once your customized graduation yard sign has arrived, proudly display the sign in your front yard for everyone to see the great accomplishment of graduation.

Tips For Graduation Yard Signs

Graduation signs are fun and easy to make for any new graduate. Start with their photos and graduation class year, and get creative by adding other messages and styles. Explore the options of graduation signs templates that will make a one-of-a-kind graduation yard sign for your grad. Use our tips and examples below for graduation yard signs that everyone will love.

1. Gallery of One Yard Sign

gallery of one yard sign with a personalized graduation picture with a congradulatory message with a green background

Proudly display your graduate’s photo as the spotlight of their graduation yard sign. Choose either one main photo to be the focal point of the yard sign or choose up to 6 photos of your grad. Include a festive border or monogram with your grad’s school colors and a congratulatory message saying “Good Luck!” or “Congrats”. Choose from a variety of gallery yard sign layouts that will make your student the highlight of the graduation yard sign.

2. Bokeh Celebration Yard Sign

bokeh celebration yard sign with festive photography designs with a black background and a black and white grad picture

Use this aesthetic yard sign layout to congratulate your new graduate in a festive way. This design is a photography-focused aesthetic blur that is produced by focusing on out-of-focus parts of an image; making the image more creative and elegant. Your photo itself will not only be the highlight of this bokeh border, but it will add a photography touch to the graduation yard sign. Perfect for any photography-loving graduate, they will love that you added a photography element to their special graduation yard sign.

3. Congrats Class Of Yard Sign

congrats class of yard sign with four images with congrats grad message

Make it known that your graduate is graduating with a “Congrats! Grad” message. Add a variety of photos that will enhance the graduation yard sign as well as change the font colors to mimic their school colors or their favorite colors. With allocated space to write a special message for your grad, let your graduation message be known to your graduate to remind them of the hard work they’ve done throughout the years.

4. Modern Line Grad Yard Sign

mordern line grad yard sign with a regular and modern graduation message

Opt for a more modern look when designing your graduate’s yard sign with this Modern Line Grad Yard Sign. Change the background color and the grad cap to any festive color you think your grad will like and add a message such as “Good Job, [insert name here]!”, “Class of [insert graduation year here]”, “Graduate of [name of school here]. These messages will be even more sentimental since it will be the main focal point of the graduation yard sign. If your graduate is camera shy, this graduation yard sign will be a good way for you to spread the message of their graduation without having to add pictures.

5. Alum Year Yard Sign

alum year yard sign in blue and gray with a modern look

This graduation yard sign is also perfect for camera-shy graduates, with the main focal point of the graduation yard sign being the year they graduated instead of a photo. This layout allows you to properly display their name, their school, and a message all within the graduation yard sign. Customize messages to say “[year they graduated] Graduate Celebration” and “[year they graduated] Lives Here”. With a variety of colors to choose from, your graduation yard sign will be personalized to any color your graduate loves.

6. Gallery Of One Right Yard Sign

gallery on one right yard sign with message on the left side and photo of a grad on the right

Want the simplicity of a modern sign with an added touch of a picture of your graduate on the side? Look no further than this gallery of one right sign. This graduation yard sign layout will perfect to display a message on one side of the graduation sign and feature a picture of your graduate on the other. Add a simple message of “Congrats [insert name here]” with a picture of them will be a great yet simple congratulatory graduation yard sign.

7. Create Your Own Yard Sign

Let your DIY skills come out with a personalized graduation sign that you can create from scratch. Start from a blank slate and customize a graduation sign that you and your graduate will love. Include different background colors, text, and images that will make your graduation sign one-of-a-kind.

Additional Graduation Decor

Celebrate the most important day for any student’s life with personalized graduation stationery and customized graduation decor for their big graduation day. Make sure your grad is well prepared with any graduation party decor they’ll need to celebrate their graduation day. From personalized selfie frames, custom vinyl banners, and personalized graduation cards and stationery, Shutterfly’s got you covered.

1. Personalized Grad Selfie Frames

grad party celebration selfie frame in black and gold with stars

Make every picture your grad takes a success with their very own personalized selfie frame. This life-sized prop will add to any graduation ceremony or graduation party, so your grad and their guest can post for fun photos and selfies. Add messages like “Congrats Grad” or “ [insert name]’s Grad party” to make your grad’s selfie frame one of a kind and just for them. Consider adding a message about their future degree or their future plans. Graduation selfie frames arrive with the center already pre-cut, so it’s ready to use right when it’s delivered.

2. Custom Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a great way to decorate for graduation parties and celebrations being that they are functional both as inside displays and outside displays. Create a custom graduation vinyl banner for your grad to showcase your accomplishments and wish them luck for their future endeavors. Add some fun designs such as their name, graduation portraits, graduating year, school mascot, school colors and more to elevate the graduation vinyl banner and make it personalized to your new grad. Whether this graduation vinyl banner is for their graduation ceremony, their graduation party, or just as a decoration around your home; making a personalized graduation vinyl banner will make your student feel honored for their important milestone.

Congrats class of 2021 vinyl banner with graduation yard sign and personalized graduation gifts

3. Personalized Graduation Cards

Design a custom graduation announcement to announce your student’s most important event for their academic career. Customize your student’s graduation card to feature their name, picture, their graduation year and more to make it known to your friends and family of their achievements. From an array of styles, designs and colors, you can choose a classic graduation announcement or an elegant graduation announcement to fit your graduate best. Whether your student graduated from kindergarten or graduate school, let loved ones know that your student graduated.

snapshot class graduation card on a gray background with year and date

Graduating Closing Thoughts

To a student, their graduation is the moment they realize that they have accomplished a lot for their education and academics. Make it even memorable for your new grad with personalized graduation yard signs and other graduation decor to commemorate their day. Once their graduation day is over, they will be able to reminisce about the memories they’ve had during their school days and their graduation party with a personalized photo book to keep their memories alive.

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