Fall Wedding Invitations Inspiration for the Autumn Bride

Fall is a romantic time of year to say “I do.” A fall-themed wedding celebrates the beauty of the autumn season as well as a couple’s combined taste and sense of style. The season is rich in vibrant colors, lovely textures, and natural fibers you can easily incorporate into your wedding day décor.

“Fall is one of the most popular times to get married,” says Rosemary Hattenbach, owner and creative director of the event-planning studio Rosemary Events.

While the San Francisco-based wedding planner typically creates events that are inspired by the geographical area of the wedding, she’s planned and executed countless fall weddings during the cooler months of autumn.

“We’d go for big impact with dramatic foliage appropriate to the region, or we might source produce from the farm that highlights the tastes and bounty of the harvest,” she says.

Think gorgeous farm fresh apples, persimmons or varying shapes and sizes of colorful squash.

Whether fall is used as a backdrop for your wedding day or the season’s colors and textures are woven into the decorations, your invitations are your opportunity to express your unique vision for your big day.


Fall Wedding Invitations

Ready to design your invitations? We’ve gathered seven of our favorite fall-themed wedding invitations to get you started, including casual and formal designs to complement the look and feeling you want for your wedding day.

Wedding planner design tip: As you look to fall for inspiration, consider the following design tip from Rosemary.

“Less is more,” cautions Rosemary. “Clean designs with a signature seasonal element give a hint of fall without hitting people over the head with a kitschy theme.”

Contemporary Fall Themed Wedding Invitations

Bordered with Love

Autumn wedding invitations

A fall wedding theme is brought to life with this nature-inspired design featuring autumn leaves of brown, dark orange and green.

Autumn leaves of brown, orange, and green surround this fun wedding invitation featuring white script and sparkling foil accents. Designed by Yours Truly, the Bordered with Love wedding invitation is a lovely way to invite your guests to your casual or contemporary fall-themed wedding.

Order the Bordered with Love wedding invitation with your own details.





Branches of Love

A wedding invitation with branches and leaves.

With a romantic color palette and fall leaves, the Branches of Love wedding invitation tells your guests that your wedding and the fall season are around the corner.

Celebrate your union and the fall season with the Branches of Love wedding invitation, designed by Yours Truly. With a soft pink background and a white border, this romantic wedding stationery features a fancy foil-stamped illustration of brass-hued and pink autumn leaves bordering clean, modern script.

Customize the Branches of Love wedding invitation with your unique color palette and details.





Perfect Falling Leaves

Falling leaves wedding invitation.

An illustration of falling leaves in hues of purple, orange, and pink decorates this modern wedding invitation to celebrate the autumn-themed wedding.

A cascade of fall leaves decorates this contemporary wedding invitation designed by Petite Lemon. The Perfect Falling Leaves stationery is one of our favorite burgundy wedding invitations because it’s fun, flirty, and romantic. It features seasonal-rich hues of purple, burgundy, orange, pink, and gold with a soft pink background and informal font – perhaps making it the perfect invitation for your fall wedding.

Order the Perfect Falling Leaves wedding invitation for your wedding day.





Formal and Sophisticated Fall Themed Wedding Invitations

Shimmering Leaves

A custom photo wedding invitation featuring a wooden frame with fall leaves.

Select a romantic engagement photo to create a fall-inspired wedding invitation featuring a wooden frame and scattered fallen leaves.

The dreamy feeling of love and the beauty of autumn are captured by the Shimmering Leaves wedding invitation, designed by Yours Truly. This custom template allows you to upload your own photograph and features a chic wooden frame decorated with scattered fallen leaves. Elegant, timeless, and romantic, choose this wedding stationery for your upscale, formal or traditional fall-theme affair.

Personalize the Shimmering Leaves wedding invitation with your own photograph and details of your big day.





Ingrained Love

A custom photo wedding invitation with branches.

Your wedding invitations can evoke a fall theme with autumnal accents such as a wooden background and a custom photo of the bride and groom in a lovely wood frame.

The Ingrained Love wedding invitation is a rustic, modern template that allows you to upload your own photograph into a charming wooden frame decorated with two leafy branches. Designed by Yours Truly, this fall-themed stationery features a wooden background and complements your sophisticated, laid-back wedding.

Purchase the Ingrained Love wedding invitation in time for your ceremony.



Botanical Border

A beige wedding invitation featuring gold fall branches.

A beige wedding invitation bordered by a thin frame, autumn branches and lovely script tells guests they’re invited to a formal fall wedding.

Botanical Border is a classic, beige wedding invitation that features an elegant, foil-stamped frame with lovely leafy branches. Designed by Yours Truly, this Shutterfly template allows you to choose your own color palette so you can match the fall theme with the exact color scheme of your big day. It’s the perfect wedding stationery for your formal church wedding or a traditional indoor ceremony held in the cooler months of autumn.

Reveal your fall wedding theme in your custom colors with the Botanical Border wedding invitation.




Vintage Floral Border

Wedding invitation with dark red poppies. A border of dark orange flowers and greenery creates an impressive fall-themed frame for this romantic and beautiful wedding stationery. As the name implies, the Vintage Floral Border wedding invitation has a classic look and design that makes it a great choice for autumn-themed weddings with a vintage flair.

Express your fall-themed wedding with the Vintage Floral Border wedding invitation.




Personalized Fall Wedding Invitations

Design memorable fall wedding invitations with Shutterfly. Couples who want to express not only their love but also the beauty of the autumn season can find a myriad of designer wedding invitation styles featuring season-inspired illustrations and color palettes. You can also personalize the invitations with your details, favorite trim, and the type of paper that reflects the formality of your event.

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