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Gift Ideas for Grandma

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No matter what gift you get for Grandma she always seems to just appreciate you are thinking of her. But to make this year truly special, focus on things she really loves. Does Grandma enjoy a card game with her friends, or showing off her grandchildren with photos around the house? We’ve put together a list of gift ideas for grandma this Christmas that will put a smile on her face and deem you the winner of the perennial “favorite grandchild” contest.

Photo Puzzle

A favorite pastime of grandparents everywhere is to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Put a familiar twist on the classic with a personalized photo gallery puzzle featuring a family picture. Have Grandma tell a different family story as the whole picture comes into focus. By the end of the puzzle you’ll want to start right over again.
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Playing Cards

Give your grandma a taste of a fun night at the casino with a set of playing cards. She’ll enjoy everything from Solitaire and Rummy to (maybe) poker night. And, make sure her cards are extra lucky with gallery monogram playing cards that let you put your shining face on all fifty-two. It means she can show off her favorite grandkids to her friends with every hand she plays when gathering around for weekly card games.
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Glass Photo Prints

Surprise Grandma with a beautiful collage of your favorite photos together. From crying newborn photos to special birthdays to graduations, Grandma will always have that same proud look. The luminous glass of the Colorblock Collage Flat Glass Print helps Grandma show off a four photo spread of her grandchildren in style.
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Christmas Stocking

If it’s a holiday gift you’re after, nothing says Christmas time like stockings hanging on the mantel. Find old baby photos with Santa Claus, or that one of the family decorating the tree together, and create a personalized Snowflake Collage Christmas Stocking for your beloved grandma.
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Tree Ornament

Certain ornaments have been around for years—now it’s your turn to add to the Christmas Tree decorating tradition. Make this year’s tree decorating special by adding a wonderful gift for Grandma. The Textured Year Snowflake Metal Ornament lets you share up to four photos for hanging on the tree all season long.
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Wall Calendar

Grandma is the one in the family who can always be counted on to remember a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. Her secret isn’t an iPhone or tablet, it’s an old fashioned calendar. Add some family photos to really make her next calendar a truly personalized gift that keeps on giving, or create a themed gift for Grandma with a collection of photos from trips she has taken throughout her life.
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Duvet Cover

Let’s face it, Grandma has a stylish house. Each piece of decor at Grandma’s has been meticulously curated over the years, giving it that perfect homey feeling. So, make sure her bedding fits right in with the rest of the house. These unique duvet covers come in various patterns that match any style of bedding that Grandma already has.
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Photo Pillow

Framed pictures of children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews can be found all throughout a proud grandmother’s house. This year, gift her with a photo gallery comprised of images she probably doesn’t have on display—photos of her. Whether they are snapshots from adventures she’s had during life or nostalgic childhood favorites, give her a memory that she can hold close to her head and cozy up to whenever she’s feeling tired—a photo gallery pillow.
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Photo Mug

Coffee, tea, and hot cocoa are ideal treats after playing in the snow at Grandma’s house. No matter what the occasion, she is always there to warm you with a mug full of your favorite. A photo gallery mug lets you add an image that means a lot to you and Grandma while you sit together and sip.
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Patterned Plate

Plates make great gifts and can be used for meals or hors d’oeuvres when entertaining guests, friends, and family. The longer friends and family stick around, the more stories Grandma will share. Make this season a special one with Patterned Christmas Trees Plates that are a nice addition to any holiday tableware. These will keep the family around the table sharing stories for hours.
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Photo Book

There are countless birthdays, parties, holidays, trips, graduations, weddings, and celebrations that Grandma has had during her amazing life. The best way to share these photos and memories full of loving friends and family is a classic photo book.
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