Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are decorative socks that are usually hung on a fireplace mantle to be stuffed with gifts by family members or Santa Claus. Christmas stockings are decorated to look festive and can include names of each family member, family photos, winter themes, and monogrammed designs. The gifts inside Christmas stockings are known as stocking stuffers and are usually small trinkets, toys, or candy for children.

How to Make Christmas Stockings

Shopping for Christmas stockings or making them on your own can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to start. First, be sure to pick a theme so your Christmas stockings can match. If you want more cohesive home decor, you can also plan for your stockings to match the rest of your Christmas decorations. Consider the following Christmas stocking ideas to get started:

DIY Christmas Stockings

To create DIY stockings, you might need a sewing machine or needle and thread to make sure it includes the design you want. Choose a fabric that has a pattern you like as well as a texture that will work well for stockings. Sturdy fabrics like felt or thick cotton will work great to hold gifts. Decorate your stockings with tassels, glitter, paint, and more. DIY Christmas stockings can be a fun holiday activity to do with the kids.

Custom Christmas Stocking

If you aren’t interested in a DIY project but you’d still like custom Christmas stockings, a photo stocking is perfect for you. Using Shutterfly, you can easily upload your favorite photos and customize the stocking so it matches your theme or aesthetic. Choose your stocking color, background, and font. Be sure to add a name or custom message to make the stocking even more unique.

Monogrammed Christmas Stocking

A monogrammed Christmas stocking is an easy way to make sure it’s personalized while also staying minimal and elegant. With a monogram, all you need to do is choose your fonts and color. Use the initials of everyone in your family so you know which stocking belongs to which person.

How to Hang Christmas Stockings

Traditionally, stockings hang on fireplace mantles. You can string them up with a small piece of yarn or rope, or install temporary hooks to keep them up throughout the holidays. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can also find a stocking holder to place your stockings anywhere throughout the home. Be sure your stockings are near other decor like the Christmas tree and match your overall Christmas aesthetic for a nice touch.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The best part of Christmas stockings is being able to watch your loved ones open them up on Christmas day. Though they don’t contain the biggest presents, stocking stuffers are still a great opportunity to bring joy. Fill your stockings with small gifts and treats that your family can open before or after the other presents. Some ideas for stocking stuffers include: 

Shutterfly Christmas Stockings

With Shutterfly, you can easily create personalized Christmas stockings for the whole family, including the pets! Choose family photos or opt for a holiday-themed background with your name. You can also choose monogrammed stockings for a more elegant and minimalist look. Custom stockings will give your Christmas a personal touch and make your decor feel warmer and family-focused.

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