Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in countries around the world. Though Christmas is a Christian holiday, it’s widely recognized around the U.S. and often celebrated among all types of families and cultures. Around the world, many countries have adopted the secular traditions of Christmas, such as Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, and gift-giving.

When is Christmas?

Christmas is always on December 25. In Christianity, the day is recognized as the day when Jesus was born. In both religious and secular Christmas celebrations, the day before is also celebrated as Christmas Eve. 

Different traditions for celebrating might include hosting family dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas. Usually, families open presents on Christmas morning, though some may choose to open gifts on the night of Christmas Eve.

Traditional Decorations for Christmas

When the holidays roll around, many households enjoy decorating their homes with cozy home decor and Christmas decorations from custom candles to personalized fuzzy blankets. Set a festive mood in your home this holiday season with a variety of DIY Christmas decor ideas.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees often serve as a centerpiece in the home throughout the holiday. Traditionally, families place gifts under the Christmas tree leading up to the holiday and gather around when it’s time to open gifts. Christmas trees are usually decorated with Christmas ornaments. 

Today, there are a wide variety of ways to decorate your Christmas tree, including traditional and modern ornaments, garland, tinsel, and even candy canes. An angel or a star might also be placed at the top of the tree. Decorate your Christmas tree this season with custom ornaments from Shutterfly.

modern gold christmas tree ornament on christmas tree

Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings traditionally hang on the fireplace mantle throughout December as a main Christmas decoration. Small gifts known as stocking stuffers also go in stockings to be opened on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Usually, stockings are personalized with each person’s name in the household. Families can even put up photo Christmas stockings with a picture of each family member or group portraits to add a personal touch.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are essential for creating the magic of Christmas. With Christmas lights, you can either create a colorful environment or a traditional white winter with bright crystal lights. Christmas lights can go on the tree or around the house. One of the most popular Christmas traditions is driving around to see Christmas lights strung up on the outside of each home.

Christmas Gifts

Gift-giving has become one of the most memorable parts of Christmas celebrations. With Shutterfly, it’s easy to make personalized Christmas gifts for your loved ones. When you’re looking for something unique to leave under the Christmas tree, make a personalized gift that perfectly complements your friends’ and family’s personalities.

Some of the most popular Christmas gift ideas for different members of the family include:

Christmas Cards

Offering Christmas greetings through cards is another holiday tradition that most families take advantage of. For acquaintances or distant family members that might not be getting gifts, a Christmas card still shows you care and are thinking of them through the holiday season. 

Holiday cards are usually always for wishing a Merry Christmas, though cards can also include family updates with photos and news of what’s happened throughout the year. To keep your cards as unique as possible, it’s always a good idea to create custom Christmas cards with photos of the family as well as your own messages for recipients.

Common Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions have evolved over time and now countries all over the world partake in some of these well-known traditions. Christmas traditions tend to include time spent with family or friends throughout different activities. Christmas and the holiday season, in general, is also a time where families tend to gather together from different locations and create new memories.

Christmas Cookies and Feasts

While the family is together, Christmas meals are a big tradition. Depending on your family’s culture, your Christmas meal might vary, but it’s sure to be a feast! Along with the traditional meals, a big tradition also includes baking Christmas cookies with the kids and decorating them with common Christmas themes like snowmen, reindeer, and Santa Claus.

Christmas Pictures With the Family

While the family is together during the holidays, it’s a great time to take group photos together. The photos can then be used year-round as framed prints that decorate the house. Most families like to take pictures in front of the tree as it’s all lit up and wear seasonal Christmas outfits like red and green sweaters.

Christmas Day Gift-Giving

Each family has a different tradition for opening presents on Christmas. Some prefer to open presents on Christmas Eve, while others wake up early on Christmas morning. You can open gifts one at a time or have everyone tear open their presents altogether. As gifts are opened, children can stay cozy in Christmas pajamas and spend the day enjoying their gifts or watching Christmas movies.

Shutterfly Christmas Gifts and Decor

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