Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in the United States is an annual holiday celebrated in May on the second Sunday of the month. Mother’s Day celebrates mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds, and the positive contributions that moms make to families.

When Is Mother’s Day?

Because Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday each May, the date changes year to year. Mother’s Day 2020 was on Sunday, May 10, and Mother’s Day 2021 will be on Sunday, May 9. Since Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday, it offers a great opportunity to plan a family get together or spend the day inside to cook and spend time in your favorite ways.

Mother’s Day Around the World

In most countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, among them the USA, Canada, most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, and South Africa.

Some countries around the world had already celebrated holidays honoring motherhood, and their celebrations have since adopted a few characteristics from the US holiday, such as gift-giving.

Giving Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show your mother, biological or not, how much she truly means to you. Some of the best Mother’s Day gifts include ideas like:

  • Mother’s Day flowers
  • Framed photo prints
  • Custom photo books with family memories
  • Kitchenware and home decor

Other great Mother’s Day gift ideas include homemade presents like cards and crafts. To show your mom you care, consider writing a special Mother’s Day message that includes your favorite memories spent together from the past year. You can also include uplifting Mother’s Day quotes as part of your message if you need help showing your appreciation.

Shutterfly Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for unique ways to show your mom how much you love her? Browse our collection of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas, which include custom gifts that show that personal touch and thoughtfulness.

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