Ornaments are decorative items most commonly used as Christmas tree decorations. A Christmas ornament is also called a Christmas bauble or Christmas bubble. Traditionally, ornaments are made of glass or thin metal, but they can also be made of wood, paper, ceramic, and other materials. Families can use ornaments to decorate their Christmas tree with a specific theme or showcase family moments through photo ornaments.

Custom Picture Ornaments

Picture ornaments are a great way to personalize Christmas decorations each year. Popular photo ornaments showcase family pictures, baby photos, wedding photos, pets, and more. Personalized ornaments are also a great holiday gift to give others, especially if the ornament is customized for their style or includes personal photo memories. Most ornaments are small enough to hang on a tree, so there’s just enough space for one or two photos. With picture ornaments, you can also add a small caption to include the date or family names.

Christmas Ornament Ideas

Each year, ornaments offer the opportunity to make your tree beautiful and personalized. Whether you choose to buy pre-made ornaments or create picture ornaments, there are plenty of options to choose from. Consider the following ornament ideas below, which are great for home decor or gift ideas.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

If you have a newborn baby in the family, every first holiday is a day to remember. To make this Christmas even more special, you can commemorate the day with the baby’s first Christmas ornament. Consider printing a photo of your baby on a glass or wood ornament and including the date as well as their name. Another cute idea is making a DIY handprint ornament with clay that you can hang every year even as your baby grows up.

Family Ornament

A classic family ornament is a special touch for any Christmas tree, and it can also make for the perfect family gift. With a family ornament, you just need a great photo of the whole bunch. Picture frame ornaments are perfect for a family ornament so you can proudly display your photo on and off the tree.

Snowflake Ornament

If you’re looking for something more classic for your tree, a snowflake ornament is a great pick. Snowflakes can help you create a white winter aesthetic, and they’ll look elegant on any tree. Consider a glass ornament shaped like a snowflake to add a realistic sparkle and shine that mimics real snowflakes outside.

Newlywed’s First Christmas Ornament

Recently married couples have a great opportunity to begin making memories and traditions during the holidays. That’s why a newlywed Christmas ornament is a great way to commemorate your love and partnership. The same idea applies if you’re recently engaged, in which case engagement ornaments can show off your beautiful engagement photos. Couple’s ornaments also make a great gift, especially if you’ll be attending a winter wedding as a guest.

How to Make Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you’re interested in DIY ornament ideas, make sure you get the kids involved. Making your own ornaments can be a fun activity to do while they’re on winter break. Some of the best materials to use for DIY ornaments include clay, felt, paper, and wood. Let your kids draw their own pictures or decorate with paint and glitter. All you need to do is make sure there’s a small hole on the top of the ornament where you can string thread or ribbon to tie your ornaments on the tree. 

To create a personalized ornament online, Shutterfly makes it easy by providing a simple ornament template. All you need to do is choose your material and shape, which can be jeweled, ceramic, wooden, cubed, or more. When you upload your photos, the ornament template will let you customize the background, photo layout, and font if you’re including text.

Displaying Holiday Ornaments

The best way to display holiday ornaments is to place them all over your Christmas tree. Most ornaments come with ribbon or hooks so you can easily hang them on the Christmas tree branches. If you need to, you can also find ornament hooks to attach to your ornaments. 

You might have special ornaments that you’d like to proudly display in your living room or family room. If so, you can use an ornament stand to hand special ornaments separate from the tree. An ornament holder is also something you can use year-round if you have special photo ornaments that look great beyond the holidays.

Shutterfly Christmas Ornaments

With Shutterfly, you can create personalized ornaments for any theme or occasion. It’s easy to upload your photos and choose your theme and background while also adding a sweet message. Consider making custom ornaments this year to make your Christmas decorations more personable, or give your ornaments as gifts to friends and family.

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